Your chance to be a BETA Tester!

BETA Testing our Apps

This is a great opportunity for everyone to have the chance to be one of the first to try out the new apps!

All you need to do is fill out the Google Form linked below!

Note: If you have already given us your information through the investors posting, you DO NOT need to fill this out again.

Small Print / Terms for being a BETA tester
VitraCash reserves the right to revoke any BETA testing privileges at anytime, for any reason that they see fit. By commenting below, you understand that it does not mean you will necessarily be picked, and that the choice of testers will be made fairly, through random generators.
BETA testers understand that they will not receive any type of payment and or incentive, other than the chance of helping build the best app through testing it. Testers should be active in sending feedback through the reporting process on their device, or they may be removed and replaced with an active person.
You should be using your own device when trying out our BETA, and have the latest software update on your device. VitraCash takes no liability whatsoever if the app does not perform as it should during the BETA phase, and this is where you as a BETA tester comes in to report bugs.


Is there any news on when we’ll know whether we’ve been chosen for the beta test? Or when it’ll be happening?

Really looking forward to seeing it!


@Koray mentioned there was final step that they were waiting and depending on during the Q&A. Not sure what the latest state of play is.

Also this is a second announcement that looks to be inviting people from outside the investor group as well. Interesting.


@Steve pretty much covers it.

We are just dotting a few i’s and crossing a few t’s, then invites will be sent out.


So when you say a BETA tester, is it just the app or the card and app?


I’m sure it will be with a card, they are already ready to be shipped as stated in the weekly recaps and I mean testing the app without one would be pretty much pointless I think.

But of course I don’t know all the features which could be tested without a card :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Unless it’s in a closed UAT environment and we are just using demo transactions.

Oh the excitement :grin:


It’s been a month since this was asked. On Facebook the team are mentioning to people to sign up as a beta tester but I’ve not seen anything to say if people have been successful, timelines etc. It would really help to have something as it feels very vague right now and that causes a loss of interest for many.

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Hi Chris

Definitely disagree with you here.

We publicly post every week with updates here on the forum.

As I have mentioned in a lot of places, we are currently finishing internal testing, and then those who have signed up for the beta testing will be invited.


I meant no disrespect and the weekly updates are helpful to a point.

My point is that beta testers have been mooted for a while now and promoted that people sign up but if people have been accepted or not is not clear nor a timeline as to when they can actually use the product.

I notice you are a new member, who only posted for the first time today, so I don’t expect you to know about our openness.

As per the last update:

People who sign up for BETA Testing will be added to the the app when we push it out.

Regardless of whether it’s been mooted or not for a while, we have always been open about the process;

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