Which credit cards offer rewards/cashback?

So one of the main features of vitra is optimizing Cashback/rewards.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize that there aren’t that many cards that offer rewards in Germany. I feel like most of the credit card game is US based.

I’m guessing many people getting into this and checking vitra out feel the same way. So maybe a blog article highlighting the cards vitra works with and helps you safe money is a good idea (preferably sorted by country)

But I’d also just appreciate any comments with recs you might have under this post (especially for germany)

So far I know about:

  • AMEX (1 MR per €, 1.5 per € with turbo)
  • miles and more gold/silver/… (0.5 miles per €)
  • VIVID money (frequently changing cash back)
  • [Amazon Visa (0.5% cashback)]
  • [Diners Club (0.125 points per €)]

looking forward to any I might’ve missed! (I did see this topic, but unfortunately there weren’t any countries mentioned, making it pretty hard to figure out )


If you are keen with crypto the crypto.com Card would be a good bet in Germany I guess (at least for me).

Depending on how much money you deposit you get an cashback up to 8% and is my daily driver.

Revolut has rewards, but those aren’t the best/most useful offers in my mind.


You’re absolutely right, crypto.com offers by far the best cashback rewards one could find. However, with the high fluctuations in value of CRO tokens, I would not put those in the same category with “traditional” credit cards…tho I have to admit a 2% cashback at a 350€ stake sounds pretty sweet


We will definitely write a lot of blogs and articles about card benefits, although we will focus on the UK in the beginning. I can’t give an exact timeline on this, but it will probably be around Q3 2022.


Little update: couldn’t resist and just got the smallest card…don’t have any use for their Spotify perks but that 2% is just too sweet, thanks for the hint!


Haha welcome, yeah the 2% is super good :smiley:


If you’re after cashback, you can try Plutus.it card as it offers 3 %… :moneybag:


10€ a month seems a bit steep, but might as well do the free 250€/month and earn some extra cashback, thanks!

Actually never even heard of that…keep the recommendations coming! All I’m doing rn is collecting Amex MR, Lufthansa miles and the occasional small cashback from my legacy Amazon visa/vivid