Which card design do you like the most? Comment with the number


See also (the transparency):







Definitely transparent 1) as it looks great and the most extraordinary/unique! :scream::star_struck:

Also please stick with Vitra logo and “Vitra” name :fist: - as I mentioned in another thread, I like it much more than “Fusion”, “Kvarz” or any other suggested alternative names… :deaf_man:


Hey Petr

Thanks for your input! We will hold an official vote on the name in the near future for all investors to vote on.


I like the transparent 1 as well. Although if we are launching in the next few weeks would have thought this to have been locked in already?

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Hi Steve

As mentioned here;

We are still on target for this. This is finalisation of design so it can be ready for printing.

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Great stuff, I wrongly assumed these things have long lead time to produce.

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Yes the printing process takes some time but most of it is the chip printing which doesn’t impact design much.


I’m still a fan of cards without numbers, but I need to agree the transperency one looks really cool and unique, I like it!

Is there a reason why some cards have the Investor #1 / R1 and some not?

And if you gonna for the 1st one, will we be able to choose the color freely during the ordering process? :smiley:

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Investors will receive a card with this written on. The number corresponds to the round someone invested in.

They’re just depicted randomly here to showcase different designs :relaxed:


As I mentioned earlier, I like the transparent card 1, given it aligns with company transparency etc. but on a practical level will it be durable and scratch resistant? Has the potential to look scruffy? I fully appreciate the future is using the mobile version but there will still be a large group users using the physical card.

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I’ll CC @FlorianWinkler and @koraykoska to answer this.

My personal favourites are 3, 5 & 6. Erring towards 6 with a gun to my head.


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