What’re you MOST looking forward to from VitraCash?

Hey everyone!

Seeing as the amazing Vitra Cash team have set up this pretty awesome community forum (I may be biased; I love Discourse) I though to get the community talking and interacting, it would be a cool idea to ask what you are most looking forward to from VitraCash.

I personally am looking forward to never having to guess which card I should use. I have so many, being able to put them all on one card and let that do the thinking for me will be bliss!

So, what’s yours?

(As a reminder; here’s the Crowdcube link!)

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I guess I’ll take a go at this as well, I’m really looking forward to using the multi-card analytics and being able to effortlessly see how much I’m spending and adhere to a budget.


That’s a good one @ben! I have used Curve in the past to have all my cards on one, however Vitra goes that extra mile for the end user, which I’m really looking forward to.

As much as I would like to be able to stick to a budget also, my husband unfortunately won’t help with that aspect :joy:

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I’m looking forward to no more rolling eyes at the sight of a credit card when I shop in small independent stores (especially in Germany). At least with Vitracash, a debit card, I’ll get a slightly less reluctant “Okay then” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Sounds good @Martin!

I understand the credit card look; in Sweden cash and card payments are slowly going out, many people use Swish or Apple/Android Pay.

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Hi @Ryan

I think Vitracash has picked an ideal to launch. The pandemic has really accelerated card use and acceptance across the EU. The customer demand for optimization of payment card usage has been seriously under-estimated by some fintechs (eg Curve) making Vitracash an attractive proposition to those users.


I very much hope I can add all my cards including bank debit, credit and prepaid cards. Curve used to allow prepaid cards but no longer.

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Being able to book flights or pay on Paypal without worrying whether my default payment method is the correct one for the currency! Those situations are the ones where card choice is most awkward because the currency changes between payments

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This is a good one! I agree that it can be cumbersome.

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