What are your favorite credit cards and why?

My favorite credit card is the American Express. Cashback 1% on everything and Priority Pass Select ,which allows me to hang out in over 1400 airport lounges
I don’t use it every single time I make a purchase, because most times the points and the rewards are not enough to even offset annual fees and the foreign transaction fees of 3%.
But still free buffets in airport lounges are a really important thing to me :grinning:. I would say the card would definitely pay off without corona :microbe:

And it has an amazing insurance EVEN for car rentals !!! So I never need to buy a car insurance… oh if I only was a good driver…
Luckily I have never used the insurance yet

What about you? What credit card do you use and why?

P.s. if you have an American Express never pay your car rental with anything another card and never buy additional insurance. We forgot it recently with my friend and bought 300$ additional insurance when traveling in US


Anything that gives me miles or cash back.

I haven’t got a CC right now due to personal reasons and wanting a detox, however when I come round to it again I will look at AMEX BA/AMEX SAS, to utilise the lounges and cash back etc.

I also like the insurance included and purchase protection (which I believe should also extend to debit cards, but that’s a whole other story).


It’s not a credit card, but the best debit card in my opinion is Crypto.com Visa Card. :+1: Based on your card stake, it offers up to 8 % cash back on every purchase :money_mouth_face:, full Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Prime rebate :hugs:, unlimited LoungeKey access :flight_departure: etc. And I must not forget its luxury metal design. :heart_eyes: Nice bonus is if you signup using referral code you receive 25 USD (used to be 50 USD in the past). :moneybag: Both me and my wife are using it as our primary card via Curve on daily basis for several months now to our complete satisfaction. :cowboy_hat_face::partying_face: Send me a PM if you want more info… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Very good was also Swipe Visa Card with similar, some worse (e.g. no LoungeKey access) and some better benefits (e.g. Apple Music and Travala.com rebate) :sunglasses:, but they were forced to stop their card program in favor of their new owner Binance (thus not making competition to them). :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Despite his fully advertisment post :stuck_out_tongue:
I can recommend the crypto.com visa card fully if you’re just looking for cashbacks. Still you need to deposit a lot of money if you want to get all features like 8% cashback etc (350k Euro / 400k $ / 300k GBP for 180 Days in CRO tokens so super volatile you can win and loose a lot of money and the support tends to be super slow )

My other daily driver is my revolut metal card as Revolut has some nice features like basic trading/ pockets ( you can specify different recurring transactions to a pocket and revolut gonna deposit the amount each month from your account so you don’t need to think about it) etc. and it’s super easy at least for germans to topup their account via paypal so the money is instantly there.


I’ll keep you in mind if Vitra ever needs a new spokesperson or advertiser :joy:

I used to have a metal Revolut card. I moved to them from Wise (formerly Transferwise) as Wise changed payment processors and my transfers were no longer within half hour; they moved to ~7am the next morning.

Revolut did for a short time have a better transfer timing, however, they also changed their processor and I already had health insurance (because I need it to live in Sweden) and mobile insurance through my provider, so as much as the rose gold metal card was 10/10, I couldn’t justify the cost seeing as nothing was beating Wise any longer.


Revolut started a while a go to support instant transfer, so if your Bank supports it too, its within seconds transfered (from/ to Revolut). Otherwhise it needs as you said already sadly, nowadays a whole day to transfer it and I’m also tempted to downgrade my account as I don’t need all those extra perks that much.
That said I was a long time a Reovlut Ambassador so I had contact to some people who are working for Revolut etc. but sadly they abandoned it since covid started.


Yes, unfortunately I do believe that Revolut have forgotten about the mission they set out for when they first started.


Good to hear I have a backup job available! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:

I admit it might sound “a bit” :slightly_smiling_face: like an advertisement :loudspeaker:, but honestly, I really mean my words. :innocent: We use our Crypto.com Visa Cards with my wife as our primary cards :credit_card: literally on daily basis :spiral_calendar: and they give us lots of useful benefits and perks 🪙, so I really can only recommend it. :+1:

The only downside is it doesn’t support Google Pay (in EU/UK :eu::uk:), but it can be easily solved by using it via Curve (and may be Vitra in the future :wink:).

And yes, you need to stake (lots of) money :money_mouth_face: (which you can unstake and have returned after 180 days :hourglass_flowing_sand:), but fortunately for me, as the early adopters we :couple: managed to gain higher card tiers with still affordable amounts at a time… :stuck_out_tongue::sunglasses:


I’m similar about my Amex Cashback card - I have the one without fees and use it wherever I can because that 1% adds up. But it sounds like you’re saying it’s not always worth using because of the annual fee, except if you’re already paying the fee I don’t really understand that?


She’s saying she doesn’t use it all the time because majority of the time the cash back and incentives don’t cover the annual fee - especially because of the 3% FX fee.

I somewhat agree because it is very niche in that you have to use it for the right things to utilise it properly.


What a coincidence - mine too! :wink:
I got the tip from a pretty friend of mine :innocent:

However, I’m afraid the cashback will never justify the fees.
but the insurance is definitely worth the money
But she’s beautiful, isn’t she? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I no longer have a favourite credit card but I do have many of them. I have different cards to use in specific retailers (usually a cashback benefit) or specific types of transaction (to avoid fees, better FX rates, etc). Often, I need to present a loyalty card to get maximum benefits, too. It has become so complicated that I have separate wallets depending on whether I’m in UK, Germany or Poland. It’s not difficult to understand why I need Vitracash!

In the UK, Amex issue a card that combines Amex+Nectar loyalty points and in Germany they issue a combined card Amex+Payback loyal points. It would be great if Vitracash find a way to do this for my entire wallet!


British Airways AMEX is my plastic.

Most recently had a 2 year project based out of Singapore and Kula Lumpur with 3 weeks in client office, 1 week back in UK rotations, flying London - Hong Kong - SE Asia. So drowning in BA Avios.

Before that had projects based out of Muscat, Houston, Baku and Trinidad & Tobago but not flying in and out, so on average 3-4 months in a hotel at each site so I opted for a Hilton Honours linked credit card to boost the points as we expensed the hotels rather than the client paying for them upfront.

I think I can now fly around the world 4 times, staying in a hotel for 6 months for me and a friend (think that’s an AMEX thing) for free :rofl:

Before that I was a poor PhD Uni student and cycled everywhere :slight_smile:


Regarding cashback - I found Amex is only worth it when you spend a lot (due to the limits needed for cashback to happen) and the more limited acceptance of Amex cards due to their higher fees for retailers is another pain point. This is why I currently use Chase Debit to get the 1% cashback. My experiences with Airline points are also mixed, because I don’t travel as much for business any longer and that makes e.g. BA points less useful, because I end to use cheaper airlines most of the time for private travel now.

My needs for credit cards now moved to the one offering 0% fees for financing some investments with guaranteed better value returns. For 12 / 18 month Virgin / MBNA had some useful offers (I chose MBNA to get a higher limit).

For anyone with more short term 0% needs Tymit offers repayment in 3 installments at 0%.

Both cards helped me to get way better returns than the 1% cashback. However, you always have to remember that the 0% on normal cards can also become a debt trap for anyone not ensuring they can always cover the minimum repayment + have the cash for full repayment at the end of the 0% promotion. Tymid’s installments raise more awareness about it and are perhaps a better choice for anyone struggling with the financial planning required.


Exactly my situation…


Welcome to the community @iliko


Sorry coming very late into this chat but read something that could be perceived in an inaccurate way so wanted to give my view. For clarity I work as a risk manager in the insurance sector.

When travelling, especially to USA or Canada, I would always say if you are renting a car to always get additional liability insurance up to $1m. The standard insurance given by rental companies is usually the state minimum which can be as low as $10k. Yes with Amex in the USA this increases to the $1m but if you don’t have an Amex Airways get the additional insurance.

Why? There are a lot of stories, where a UK driver has caused an accident and the injured party then dies them directly. The rental insurance is not enough and then it can cost huge sums to defend and pay damages on these claims. This can mean having to sell property in the UK just to pay for the legal fees.

So always make sure you read what is covered and what is not for all insurance products.


I feel like US cards have the most appealing card products so far, when comparing to other countries like the UK. No FX fee is already a big difference (although the rate still sucks), like the HSBC Cash Reward card that gives me 1.5% cashback with no FX fee and annual fee.
Personally I like AMEX as it has a variety of perks (cashback/miles) and promotions. It also helps me to settle in other countries. I used to have a Platinum Card in Hong Kong then transferred to a platinum cashback card in the UK, which I believe is the card with highest cashback you can get from high banks/card companies.