Well done! - we couldn't verify you!

hi there, anyone the same crappy verification experience?
After going through two selfies the message “well done” seems quite promising. However, after uploading get the “we couldn’t verify you” message. Tried a couple of times - same result (well done at first - we couldn’t…after uploading). What’s the problem with this verification process?

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Hi Dodgez,
Sorry to see you’re having trouble,
the Know Your Customer verification is carried out by a third party, they are usually quite good with investigating and resolving bugs like this.
Could you confirm the device and OS you’re using? I’ll pass this over to them to investigate.
Thank you,


Hi @Dodgez, welcome to the VitraCash Community. :wave:

It looks like you will need a manual check on your details.
But as we are community driven here we can’t check.

It’s best you drop an email to the VitraCash customer services on this email address support@vitracash.com

They will be able to give you feedback.


Hi, sorry I forgot to mention…I’m using the current vitra app (2.1.0) on a xiaomi mi 9 lite (Android 11-MIUI Global

Thank’s in advance for your support!