We’re here for you…

Hi team Vitra,

We, your investors, have pledged our financial commitment to your vision however let’s not let it stop there.

What else can we do to create a buzz and increased brand awareness?

We are your loyal ambassadors and ready to help, for free :slight_smile: I’ve followed your socials and when appropriate ready to write online reviews then share your success story with my family, friends and colleagues.

Hopefully, however little, anything we can do at this precious early stage of the journey will help us gain the much needed traction and momentum.


Steve, this is really kind of you and amazing to hear.

Definitely for now, having people sign up to receive a card and point them to our community for it to grow is a great start.

Once we share our press release(s), having these shared by investors within their own friend/family/colleague groups would be a massive bonus as the more people that see and read it means word about us going round and creating organic word of mouth referral, rather than us having to push Ads.