VOTE: Your favourite Community style

Hi all!

I’m interested in seeing what is your preferred look for the category page here on the forum.

Please vote at the bottom after looking at each option!

Option 1
How it looks now, with a small colour bar for subcategories. Displays latest posts.

Option 1a
How it looks now, but with coloured boxes for subcategories. Displays latest posts.

Option 2
Categories displayed in boxes, with a small colour bar for subcategories.

Option 2a
Categories displayed boxes, but with subcategories in coloured boxes.

  • Option 1
  • Option 1a
  • Option 2
  • Option 2a

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I’m just being lazy here to check myself but is there a different layout on iOS vs say desktop chrome? I rarely use anything other than my iPhone to access Discourse forums via the DiscourseHub app.

Edit: for another Discourse forum I am a member of, there is more functionality when switching to desktop view.

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Hey @Steve

When you say switching to another forum there’s more functionality, is there something you feel we’re missing here on Vitra?

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I mean within the same forum, when I switch to desktop view from iOS there are more options. Such as ability to view forum stats.

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