VitraCash Updates (22/03/22)

VitraCash Updates - 22 March 2022

Hi all!

Spring is finally here! (As are my relentless allergies).

This update is fully loaded, so put your seat belt on, and let’s begin!

Staff Updates

We start this update with the sad news that Benyam and Doston have unfortunately left the VitraCash family, however we are really happy to introduce to you two newcomers:

@Bruno joins the family as an Android Engineer.

@Dane joins the family as our very first Product Owner.

Crowdfunding Updates

As some of you eagle eyed viewers may have noticed (not that you could miss it), a banner on our homepage is now allowing people to sign up ready to invest in the next public raise coming at the end of March.

By signing up before we go live, it gives you a chance to invest before the general public have a chance to get at it. This is generally a 48-hour window before it goes public, so plenty of time for you to secure a new investment in us, as well as any friends and family you feel might like to invest in us.

Just share this link (CrowdCube) with them, so they too can sign up and access the raise before anyone else.

There will be merch available, however it will be announced once the round has closed.

App Updates

I know that you were all waiting for this one, and I may or may not have left it to the end on purpose just to add that extra bit of :sparkles:spice:sparkles: (please don’t hate me).

I am SO happy to announce that today we have sent the updates into the app stores, meaning that at some point tomorrow (23 March) it will be available for updating in your play/app stores.

There are some spoilers of our new app look spread around our social media, and if you look closely at the screenshot above, also on our front page :wink:

Majority of the existing issues are fixed with this update, however we would be silly to say that this will be bug free. If you do find any bugs, you can submit this by clicking here .

Until I can update you again on anything else, if you have a comment, question or reaction, you know what to do :point_down:t3:

Have a great week!

~Ry :man_technologist:t3:


Really good news and a welcome to @Bruno and @Dane!


Good news. :slight_smile: welcome @Bruno and @Dane


Hi @Bruno and @Dane thanks for joining the team!


Hopefully tommrow we use our card


So will beta testers be looking for the update in TestFlight? I understand it will be available in AppStore but future minor updates will pushed more rapidly to TestFlight than to AppStore. If that makes sense. So TestFlight version will always be the latest.


We will initiate a beta programme soon after public launch.

Everyone should now download it from the App Store, not TestFlight.

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@Ryan have they got the new shares price right Ryan? I thought they were the same price as original round???



The public round won’t be the same price?

You had the chance to invest in a private round earlier this year which was worth about 3x if I remember correctly.

The pitch isn’t live yet anyway, so until it does I’m not able to verify the PPS.

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Ah that explains the third of the shares I thought we were getting. Thinking that they were going to be the same price as original raise.

Must have got it mixed up with another raise or something.


Great news, dose that mean the backend issues are fully resolved (for now the known ones of course) and the card should be working now? Or do we have to click something in the new app?


It should work straight away.

There are going to be a very limited number of people that will need to order a new card - we will identify these and contact them in time.


Will the update be released at midnight UK time?


We can’t give you a time it will go live, that’s down to the individual app stores and once they’ve sent it.

I imagine it will be mid afternoon ish.

However once we’re notified it’s live, we will post here.

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Today is day when vitra make history


:warning: Update on App Release

The app stores are taking a while longer to process our releases.

This may push the update over to tomorrow. We really apologise for this, however unfortunately this is out of our control.




Wouldn’t it be possibile to just upload the official apk on the website for Android users?
Other popular apps, such as Telegram, have their apps both on the Play Store and on their official websites, with those on the websites getting quicker updates.


Hey @nekorb, while it would be possible, it’s not something we are currently considering.

We also have to think in terms of regulations - I don’t know of any fintech or banking app doing this, so there is a question about is it allowed for us, as we are heavily regulated.

You can submit an idea on our new ideas tracker by clicking here though if you wanted to.


The Vitra App 1.1 (185) that was just released (just got a message that there is a new version and installed it) on IOS TestFlight keeps on crashing when starting. So still same.


Hi @Sladen - 1.1 (185) is the existing version. It expires in 5 days from TestFlight.

So, once the new one is released in the App Store (as above), we’ll post here.

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