VitraCash Updates (09/03/22)

VitraCash Updates - 09 March 2022

Hi everybody :wave:

I’d like to firstly apologise at the delay in this update. As I am sure you will all be aware, there is a very unfortunate war happening in Ukraine, so last week was spent ensuring that two members of our staff team were able to get to safety, and had everything they needed for their family.

Both members of staff and their families are now in a safe place, and we have been able to use the start of this week to get this update ready for you.

So, without further delay, read on for our latest update, and everybody here at VitraCash wish you a lovely week.

Where we were:

Since late January, we have had our transactions, sign ups, card ordering and a few other bits turned off while we implement new security updates and a brand new design.

Where we are now:

We are preparing to turn everything back on again. This will be taken in two phases.

Phase 1: Account and Card Opening
During phase one, people will be able to sign up, go through verification, order a card and use the app. You will not be able to make any transactions immediately.

Phase 2: Transactions Enabled
This phase, which we will be gradually turning on as to not overwhelm the system and any updates, will see you able to utilise your account to its’ full extent, including making transactions with your Virtual and Physical cards.

Phase 2 will see customers contacted when their account is ready to make transactions. There will be a 2 week period that we add more and more people to the phase, and by the end of March, we should be prepared for everyone to be able to make transactions with their cards.

You will not be able to request that we turn your transactions on first, or include you in the next batch - it will be randomly assigned to keep it fair, and it will be a limited number of people in each new batch.

Once we have started the new phases above, within a week, another update will be pushed which will see our new app design, with thanks to @kasia.moon, go live for everyone.

Our amazing developers have worked really hard to eradicate pesky bugs, and we hope that before we go public, any further bugs which you might find - which should be very minimal - will also be eradicated.

Once we are ready to push the new update, we will post here on the forum. When the new version launches, a return to The Week @ VitraCash should also start, as we won’t be putting all of our time into the backend.

Until I can update you again on anything else, if you have a comment, question or reaction, you know what to do :point_down:t3:

Have a great week!

~Ry :man_technologist:t3:


Glad to hear your staff is safe! And can’t wait to use my card again :smiley:


Fantastic news Ryan. Glad staff are OK.
Looking forward to see the improvements and starting to use Vitracash.


Glad to hear all are safe and sound, also great update on everything that’s going on and next steps @Ryan :+1:t2:


Positive vibes, thanks everyone.


Hey @Ryan

Will you be adding the feature I suggest on this post, like : “you’ve just saved £16 on transaction fees using your AMEX card”

Would be great to have this addition before the next raise!!


Hi @Alex_Davis

This won’t be in the immediate update, no. But it is planned for implementation.

The immediate update fixes over a good 90% of known and previously unknown bugs. We found a couple of buggy features today which we are working on before we release.

This is something we would expect to see in place by around summer at the latest I would hope.


Great thanks.
Fully understand bugs come first!
As a new feature, I think this should be high on the list :+1:t2:


2 week period that we add more and more people to the phase, and by the end of March

It seems the deadline to begin Phase 2 has slipped. Can you give us an update?


Hi @inY

The end of March is not here yet :slight_smile:

An update will be posted later today.


:newspaper_roll: NEW UPDATE: VitraCash Updates (22/03/22)

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