Vitracash tried to charge me a ridiculous amount


This morning I saw an unusual and unauthorized attempted transaction from Vitracash on my Revolut card.

Exactly 6 months since I first opened the Vitracash account they tried to charge my Revolut card for 180 £ for “card verification”. What is that?

Fortunately I had not enough money on the card so the transaction failed.

I can’t open the Vitra app to see because I have a new phone number and there is no way to log in without the old number.

So Vitra is pretty useless to me but this attempted charge is really serious


The same here. Vitracash charged me 150eur.

They charged me 56.59 169 and 195,83 and 38,20. Some going through. They triggered some cards automatic blocking… thanks for nothing. Please refund!


I was charged 195.48 GBP today. Who do I contact for a refund. This is ridiculous.

me too

Same here,
I am ready for a chargeback right now!
This is unacceptable and , let’s all remember, a crime offense!
I hope they return all my money back otherwise…

It is recommended that this issue be brought to the attention of the FCA immediately as it is too serious.

seems like fraud to me, they tried to charge 118£ on my Revolut but I didn’t have enough in my account then proceeded to charge my other card for 195.48£ unfortunately I had enough :frowning:

Multiple and there might be more

Please follow up to with the email address you used to sign up. Sorry for that, we will revert the transactions.


Is there an explanation to what have happened?

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I just send you an email. Could you explain why this happened? My bank blocked one other card because of this… unfortunately the app is not working (as usual) and that’s why I cannot tell you if that’s all the transactions


@Sladen We are looking into it. Please bear with us a little bit


Already sent emails, let your system to cancel the transactions

Why are you not reverting all the transactions at that time frame? Otherwise there might be transactions missed. And that would be illegal. Just a suggestion. Waiting for the update. Thank you for the reply


Exactly, all these transactions should be reverted automatically, people should not need e-mailing in…


Also it’s important to know how such a thing happened…

Me to!! Transaction 154.06 GBP was done! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


They said they had refunded the all money, but I called the banks again and they replied that they had not received the refund.

I received an email stating that the transaction has been reversed and I was told to confirm it, I checked my balance on my bank account and it still has not been reversed