Vitracash card

Hello everyone,

I am a crowdfunding investor and I would like to request the vitracash card. Is the card available yet? Apologies if the question was already asked. Thanks in advance.



Welcome @Hugo_Blanco_Alvarez!

Nice to see you here.

@ryan can hopefully provide the latest update, I too am an investor and keen to get my hands one, they are close, I think :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome @Hugo_Blanco_Alvarez ! :smiley:
It’s not yet available. As you can read here the iOS App is still in closed beta testing and I assume it will be still a while till we’re able to get our hands on the card.
But as @Steve said already @ryan can probably give out some more infos :slight_smile:


Hey Hugo!

:point_up_2:t3: This is great to hear, and I’d love to firstly welcome you to the community.

As our lovely @Kastello says, they aren’t available as yet, however if you check the link he posted, we have sent the design off to Mastercard to get the final go-ahead to print them.

I’m sure you are like @Steve, and very eager to get your hands on it! :credit_card:

But, hold tight. As above, the final design is being approved by Mastercard as we speak, and I hope to be able to update you all in the next instalment of The Week that we have started the printing process.

You are more than welcome to join the waitlist on our main website by heading here and clicking the ‘Request Access’ button in the top right corner, however, there is no real need, because as an investor, you will get yours first anyway.

Our investor survey should hopefully be sent out by the end of August, this will confirm your mailing address and your investment perks. Should we require any further information prior to shipping your card, we will be in touch.


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