VitraCash Beta goes live!

VitraCash Beta goes live!

It’s official :tada:

The first VitraCash iOS beta invites have been sent out! :iphone:

Not received the email yet? Don’t worry! You will receive the email soon, where you can sign up.

Signing Up & Ordering Your Physical Card

As you go through sign up, you will be prompted to complete KYC. Once you have done this, please wait 5-10 minutes for the process to complete, then please force close your app and re-open it.

Once you return to the app, you will be able to order your physical card, where you can also set the pin that it comes with.

In the mean time, you will be given a virtual card immediately after passing the verification step, so please do start paying with the virtual card.

In case their Apple ID is different and they can’t install the app we will reinvite them once you let us know.

This is a REAL Account

This account is a real one which means you will be able to reuse the account and the card once we release the first version to the app stores.

Bugs & Crashes

We are aware that there will still be some small bugs and unexpected behaviour displayed within the app - and this is the exact reason we are doing this beta phase, to find and squash as many of them as possible.

Please use the FlightTest way of reporting such bugs, so they are all collated in one place and we can work on them.

Beta Tester Category

Beta Testers will be given access to a private category on the forum within the next few days where we will post updates, and can keep track of bugs.

:warning: Important Note: If the email that you used to sign up to this forum is not the same as your AppleID/Google Play Store, please private message me with the email you have used to sign up to the app so we can confirm your beta-status, and add you to the category!

Want to help us test?

If you missed the first chance to sign up to help us with the beta test; I have good news. You can sign up to be included in the next push of testers by completing the google form here.

We will be rolling more features out over the coming days, as well as the Android version shortly.

Any questions, please just comment down below or PM me!



Hey, got the invite earlier, downloaded the TestFlight app using link from email which took me to Apple Store then redeemed the Vita app using code from email. Launched the Vitra app added my mobile number, received a code put that code in and app closes. Tried 3 times with same results.

Edit, after a few minutes I tried again as per above advice and now continue to progress.


Thank you for reporting! Please continue to do so :rocket:

Only 50 testers got the invite. All other early-testers will get an invite in the next days :muscle:


Boom. Done.

Registered, KYC verified, card added, Physical VitraCard applied for :white_check_mark:


The delivery should take 1-3 working days only. Let’s see :raised_hands:


First comments off the top of my head:

Super smooth and easy registration expect for adding my DOB, not sure why but took a couple of attempts to get it right, might just be me. Perhaps add a ‘done’ button to press when date has been selected as I clicked off the date selection area and perhaps hit another date when doing so.

I know AMEX isn’t ready yet but perhaps a ‘coming soon’ or ‘not currently supported’ message rather than the app shutting down.

KYC was perfect even with my wild Scottish winter beard on!

When I added a debit card there was a small star next to it, is this to make it the preferred card? Didn’t see the star again after I had added the card, instead a toggle to turn card on and off ‘always use preferred card’ showed up.

Like the splash opening screen when launching the app, very cute :slight_smile:

That’s all for now as I’m sat in my car! Will take good look when I get home.

A side note: I saw a TV advert for BIP recently and really liked its style and seems you have also gone for this clean, no fuss, uncluttered look, I love it!

Fantastic job by EVERYONE getting this over the line. I bet there is a heap of complexities and a lot of long hard days under this app to make it appear so smooth and elegant.

Congratulations on this milestone, onwards and upwards!


Another venture by NewDay I see.

They’re always up to something.

Thanks for the comments Steve, as we’ve said, this is the first live public closed beta, so there is likely to be a few quirks that shouldn’t be there along the way, but with people like you by our side, we will make it the best!


Thank you for sharing !
I don’t know what the star means either …


Hi Steve,

Thanks for sharing your experience so far. The star is indeed the preferred card. We will look into making this more obvious in future design overhauls. The switch is a manual, aka “Curve mode”, where you can specify the card to be used and circumvent the algorithm in case you need to be certain that a specific card is used.


:warning: Important Note:
If the email that you used to sign up to this forum is not the same as your AppleID/Google Play Store, please private message me with the email you have used to sign up to the app so we can confirm your beta-status, and add you to the category!


Ordered my card, but don’t seem to be able to find the virtual one…?


This is strange. I have sent you a dm :slight_smile: so we can check what the problem is


I hope to get my card soon, I am waiting to be verified. and be added to the group of beta-testers.


I asked you for some details in the private message. If you are still not verified, please check private messages


Feel for you guys going beta live at the start of a weekend before Christmas! Make sure you have some downtime!

I visited BrewDog Canary Wharf for post work beers when I worked in One Canada Square for six months.


I want to order the physical card, but if i add my adress at “Card Order”, the next-button is not active.


We have been there already. Florian has been there many times I guess :sweat_smile:

It’s so noisy there. In Austria all the restaurants and bars are so quite …


I have sent you the DM :slight_smile:


So excited! Is it IOS only at the moment?


I’m really happy to see and use something real and tangible. So many times I’ve heard of startups promising the Earth for years and years with nothing delivered.

Hopefully you’ll get your hands on it soon.