VitraCard Design Poll

Hi everyone! :wave:

We feel as though we have arrived on a design for the cards that is almost perfect for our release. What do people think?

(We are still going to reconsider the naming and logo separately)

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Would be good to point out that the wording for “Investor #” will (probably) refer to the round in which you invested.

So for all investors reading this right now, we’d be “Investor R1” or “R1 Investor”.


Sorry for forgetting to clarify this part, it will say “#1” for round one (pre-seed), “#2” for round two, etc.


I don’t dislike it but I’m not sure if I like it, it feels a bit too busy. Can we perhaps have a poll where we can choose between options?

That is if we have enough active forum members yet to give meaningful results!


I disagree with this. I think the card Ben has shown and is now in the midsts of being voted on is perfect.

It has exactly what we need; instant recognisability; unique; modern.

This is just 1 of the design possibilities as outlined in the poll, but I believe it’s the best so far & I would proudly own and flaunt it.


Well it’s what my wife and I both think, which is why I’d like to be able to choose other options. I’m not sure why you need to keep either speaking up for the company or being so dismissive of other people’s opinions to be honest.

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The ability to choose other variants of cards is probably not going to be immediately available, they are just starting. Once user base has grown to substantial numbers, I think then is a time to have the ability to let users choose their individual choice, straying from the ‘default’.

I refute that I’m dismissive of other opinions; the community is for open dialogue and opinions, and there will always be someone who doesn’t agree with something.

I believe in VitraCash and their ability, so rather than “speaking up” for them, I am supporting them.

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Ryan in saying “The ability to choose other variants of cards is probably not going to be immediately available, they are just starting” you kind of are speaking for the company. It’s another example of me suggesting something and you disagreeing within minutes, hypothesising as to why the company isn’t ready to do it. If they’re not ready they can say so. I’d much rather we work to build on each others’ ideas than take this approach…

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I am simply speaking from experience with investing in fintech. Many companies are not ready to do it from the start; which is exactly why I said probably won’t be. It’s not me telling you something definitively.

Yes I respond quickly, but again, with experience in fintech investment, I already have the Discourse app on my phone to allow me to get notifications.


Hopefully, which ever designs make it to the shortlist, they will become instantly recognisable in just the same way as Monzo, Revolut or Starling cards have already.


HI everyone congrats on the overfunding and the project and all the best and good luck going forward obviously LOL, I got two suggestions and one question:
-How about if the font of card is fluorescent (or the writings on it)

  • Don’t you think Just the V itself is enough, the cleaner the better, also personally I’d like either just V in one corner or big V slap bang in the middle stretching top to bottom (possibly transparent only that V but literally window transparent not the blurry I saw earlier, as per the meaning ) this is it nothing else and one colour only.
    I’m sorry but there is too much going on on this sample up there, honestly and if there is a different types of cards they all need to maintain one similar feature that repeats on all of those ( say the V being in the same spot on all those for example).

I’m not sure whether fluorescent would work? I can vision it, but not sure if I would like one.

I agree with a uniform placement of the V logo - which may change on a name change - but I think I prefer it in the top corner, however could possibly make a mock-up with a larger one.

I honestly don’t think there is too much going on in the current one in the poll though. Personally, I think this is the best so far & would be happy with it.

Ben has mentioned somewhere in a thread that currently it is just for actual mock prints, so they can get a few test printed, so it’s not a definite as of yet! :grin:


It’s been done already, maybe. I don’t know whether this is actually florescent but it’s certainly vivid sync._X_card_Black-300x232


Oh gosh, that is quite disgusting :joy:

I’m certain Ben could come up with something better though

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Fluorescent doesn’t mean it has to be yellow, just to be able to glow if dark , but yeah that is horrid


I think maybe having the V glow in the dark would be unique and look okay

Not crazy about a whole glow in the dark card though.


That’s interesting @Kristian_Yakov. What you see as yellow is actually Day-Glo green but it just shows how subjective colour is and how easily designer’s can trick the eyes.


Glowing Cards are pretty funny! Revolut for example offers one atm. with some charity event and those are pretty neat. Only down part is: It need to be eiteher used whole day to charge, or you need to lay it down somewhere as otherwhise it’s hidden in your pocket and well… it doesn’t glow :smiley:

But would still be pretty cool if for example the V would glow just as gimmick!

Edit: Is the contactless sign really needed at the front? It just look misplaced over there and I’m pretty sure everyone will know that those cards are contactless anyways. Many newer card designs from other companies put it on the back, just to have a cleaner front.


We put it on the front for the time being as we are not sure what the MasterCard regulations regarding the placement currently are, if we can move it to the back and find a good place for it we definitely will.


I know that some MasterCards do have it on the back; but whether that had to be negotiated with them etc I’m not sure, so this is definitely something I agree with looking at.

Most people know they have a contactless card; especially if you have it on your ApplePay etc.