VitraBytes #03

Edition 03 - Product Special

Hi everyone :wave:

Welcome to the latest edition of VitraBytes.

This one is focussing solely on a product update for you all.

Product Updates

We apologise. We recognise that we have released more bugs than we should have over the last few updates, and that a lot of these bugs are causing headaches not only for customers, but us too.

You have been heard, and we understand the frustration a lot of you will have, however please remember we are still at a very early stage, and the best is yet to come.

As part of rectifying these issues, going forward we are aiming to be better for you. We have implemented new internal processes for app releases which will see releases follow a schedule, rather than a random push when no-one is in the office to be able to quickly fix an issue once live.

The process will flow like this:

This flow is a rolling timeline; when we push the update to app/play stores on a Monday, we continue with internal development and testing, so when we push it to the public the next week, beta testers will also have a new version to test.

We have now set up a new category: #product:releasenotes where once a sprint has been pushed, we will detail all changes and any notes regarding what’s included in that push.

As a reminder, our apps are still in beta, and while we work as hard as we can to fix them, please bear in mind that we do not want to rush any fixes, as this can normally lead to more bugs.

As we receive bug reports, they are logged and given an internal ticket, and our team prioritise those that are most urgent. Once a bug is rectified, it gets internally tested and then pushed out in an update. You can see what bugs have been reported and any replies from us by clicking here.

As a reminder, we have now moved our Bug Reports and Feature Request ideas to a new platform, where you can see the status of what you’ve reported/requested, unlike here on the forum.

You can access both of these boards by visiting Just remember to ensure you select the right board before posting, otherwise we might not pick up a bug/request!


Other News & Updates

There are no other news items or updates to share with you at this time, however we would like to thank everyone for their patience, their loyalty, and their help with identifying issues.

We will continue to update you in a transparent, open and honest way, even if it’s not the best news we have to give, as we believe that as users and (or) investors, you deserve to be given the truth, be it the good, the bad or the ugly.

Please keep interacting on this Community as we love to hear and see all of you, your ideas, questions and general interaction between users.

We hope that you enjoy our new style of update, and with that, I’ll sign off.

Until the next edition, if you have a comment, question or reaction, you know what to do :point_down:t3:

~Ry & the Team :man_technologist:t3:


… and Congratulations on closing out a successful second funding round.

Round three anyone?


Give me a chance to breathe, Steve!

But seriously thank you to everyone who helped us close this round. I will do another general update soon; but I wanted to push this one out as I felt it important and should be done alone.


Great to hear about the new update structure and hope it works out!


Great update @Ryan

And to echo others in saying congratulations to you and the rest of the team for the successful second raise :clap:t2: :unicorn:


All is good team and we realise you are working hard.

All good things comes to he who waits.

So I’m happy waiting.



Wait, Kev, I think someone has hacked your account.