VitraBytes #02

Edition 02

Hi everyone :wave:

Welcome to the latest edition of VitraBytes, just in time for Easter weekend! :hatching_chick:

This week has been busy and productive in all areas of the business, and we hope you find todays update informative and gives you the updates you need and want.

Company Updates

Our Crowdcube pitch, at the time of writing, stands at 79% of the target, with 309 investors, and still 21 days to go!

This week, we also welcome @jules to the VitraCash family.

Community Updates

We have seen our Community grow further again this week, with people who either have, or are considering investing coming over.

Welcome to you all!

Note: If you have invested, once the round closes and your investment is confirmed, you will be given access to our Investors Only Category.

Product Updates

In our last edition we announced:

  • We have added a change password feature
  • We have activated ‘enable/disable’ biometrics
  • We are working on the iOS Biometrics bug. We believe we have identified the issue, and we are now internally testing a fix for it.

With this edition we can add the following:

  • We will have the capability to set live the open banking feature in the next update, however prior to this feature being turned on, bugs will be fixed firsts.
  • Deleting cards is being worked on, and should be included in the next sprint.
  • We have also internally mapped out how transactions will be re-enabled in phases, starting with;
    • Those in the UK who already have their cards, followed by;
    • EU customers who already have their cards, finally;
    • Opening the metaphoric flood gates for everyone. (More on this when we start the rollout).

We are also working on the following bugs:

  • Biometrics (currently our highest priority)
  • Ordering of cards
    • Including the issue of multiple charges when paying for express delivery
    • Email notifications to confirm the ordering of your card
  • Signing up issues relating to phone numbers not being accepted
    • Also including an issue with verification codes sent to your number not working

These have not yet been pushed to devices. We hope to be able to tell you either in next weeks edition, or during the week in a separate post when these can/will be pushed.

We have now set up a new category: #product:releasenotes where once a sprint has been pushed, we will detail all changes and any notes regarding what’s included in that push.

As a reminder, our apps are still in beta, and while we work as hard as we can to fix them, please bear in mind that we do not want to rush any fixes, as this can normally lead to more bugs.

As we receive bug reports, they are logged and given an internal ticket, and our team prioritise those that are most urgent. Once a bug is rectified, it gets internally tested and then pushed out in an update. You can see what bugs have been reported and any replies from us by clicking here.

As a reminder, we have now moved our Bug Reports and Feature Request ideas to a new platform, where you can see the status of what you’ve reported/requested, unlike here on the forum.

You can access both of these boards by visiting Just remember to ensure you select the right board before posting, otherwise we might not pick up a bug/request!


Other News & Updates

There are no other news items or updates to share with you at this time, however we would like to thank everyone for their patience, their loyalty, and their help with identifying issues.

We will continue to update you in a transparent, open and honest way, even if it’s not the best news we have to give, as we believe that as users and (or) investors, you deserve to be given the truth, be it the good, the bad or the ugly.

Please keep interacting on this Community as we love to hear and see all of you, your ideas, questions and general interaction between users.

We hope that you enjoy our new style of update, and with that, I’ll sign off.

Until the next edition, if you have a comment, question or reaction, you know what to do :point_down:t3:

We hope that you all have an amazing Easter!

~Ry & the Team :man_technologist:t3:


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