VitraBytes #01

Edition 01

Hello everybody, and welcome to our new look weekly update blog/post: VitraBytes.

Bringing our normal transparency over from The Week @ VitraCash in a new way, we aim to make updates clearer to read and understand in a better format.

We have 4 new distinct update areas;

  • Company Updates - will list all the updates within the company for the past week.
  • Community Updates - will list updates beneficial to the community here on our forum.
  • Product Updates - we will update you on the latest news regarding our apps/cards here.
  • Other News & Updates - finally anything that doesn’t fit within the other 3 categories will go here.

Each area will have direct input from the whole team here at VitraCash, with us offering an insight to a certain team members work week, while others will give the core content of the update.

With VitraBytes we aim to be able to add different items every now and then. Maybe one week a critical thinking competition, the next a Q+A with a member of staff, and maybe a Q+A with different investors to see why they invested in us. The ideas are endless.

VitraBytes is expandable, and we hope that you will enjoy the new format and name, as well as the possibilities that it gives us.

Company Updates

Earlier this week, our second (public) Crowdcube pitch opened to the general public, following a brief private window for existing investors and people who signed up to the waitlist.

At the time of writing, we are at 70% of the target, with 260 investors, and still 26 days to go!

Since our last update, the company has continued to grow and get better, with a lot of staff meeting each other at our London HQ. We hope to be able to host our first ‘off site’ event for everyone in the coming months.

Community Updates

Our Community continues to grow, with people signing up everyday. We’ve seen a growth of sign ups since the launch of our Crowdcube.

The forum continues to update in the background as you all enjoy communicating on it. We hope to be able to introduce new features and extras in the coming year.

Speaking of new features and extras, this week we have added some new emojis that you can use as reactions to posts. Now when hovering over the heart button, you’ll be able to use these emojis:


We’ll look at enabling more in the coming months if there is a demand for it, alternatively, if you feel like there’s an emoji you’d love to be able to use as a reaction, why not let us know in #site-feedback?

This week has also seen us add 3 new badges that you can collect. As a thank you to those of you who always jump at the chance to help either a new or existing user, we are happy to announce the following new badges!


The thresholds for earning these are as follows:

  • Bronze: Helping 1 member
  • Silver: Helping at least 25 different members
  • Gold: Helping at least 50 different members

Each of these badges can also be given out at staff discretion if we feel someone deserves it.

We love your feedback regarding the community, so if you have ideas on what you think could be good to implement for the community, or maybe even have an idea for a game for one of our VitraBytes, just as with the emojis, let us know in #site-feedback!

Product Updates

As you will all be aware, we have released our apps with a new look, and are working hard on the bugs that have so far been reported.

We’re happy to announce the following updates:

  • We have added a change password feature
  • We have activated ‘enable/disable’ biometrics
  • We are working on the iOS Biometrics bug. We believe we have identified the issue, and we are now internally testing a fix for it.

These have not yet been pushed to devices. We hope to be able to tell you either in next weeks edition, or during the week in a separate post when these can/will be pushed.

With our apps still being in beta, and while we work as hard as we can to fix them, please bear in mind that we do not want to rush any fixes, as this can normally lead to more bugs.

As we receive bug reports, they are logged and given an internal ticket, and our team prioritise those that are most urgent. Once a bug is rectified, it gets internally tested and then pushed out in an update. (Although, as we found out by pushing the new design and versions out, testing internally doesn’t always show us any issues!)

As a reminder, we have now moved our Bug Reports and Feature Request ideas to a new platform, where you can see the status of what you’ve reported/requested, unlike here on the forum.

You can access both of these boards by visiting Just remember to ensure you select the right board before posting, otherwise we might not pick up a bug/request!


Other News & Updates

There are no other news items or updates to share with you at this time, however we would like to thank everyone for their patience, their loyalty, and their help with identifying issues.

We will continue to update you in a transparent, open and honest way, even if it’s not the best news we have to give, as we believe that as users and (or) investors, you deserve to be given the truth, be it the good, the bad or the ugly.

Please keep interacting on this Community as we love to hear and see all of you, your ideas, questions and general interaction between users.

We hope that you enjoy our new style of update, and with that, I’ll sign off.

Until the next edition, if you have a comment, question or reaction, you know what to do :point_down:t3:

Enjoy your weekend and have a great week next week!

~Ry & the Team :man_technologist:t3:


I like the new update style and thanks for all those updates! I really appreciate this open and transparent approach together with this way better organized structure of the post. Keep it up :smiley:


Great post, love the new format.


Great update @Ryan keep up the great work and innovation! :clap:t2: :+1:t2:


Yeah that should do it… :+1:


Updates and information about how things are going are very much appreciated.
Love the project, love the team. Keep it up :point_up_2:.


Thanks for the update! Great formatting, everything is clear. Looking forward to be part of this community.


Thanks @ericaltm and welcome to our family!

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@Ryan great update. Looking forward to seeing the updates