Vitra in the News: Koray speaks with Ask Me AnyFin

Vitra in the News: Ask Me AnyFin

Koray speaks to Małgorzata Łabanowska and Łukasz Korol from Change in FinTech about what lead him up to the founding of VitraCash.

Watch below!

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Automated dog walking. Learn something new everyday.


I just knew that if someone was going to pick that up that it’d be you :rofl:


@Koray interesting interview. Hearing of TensorFlow / machine learning made me wonder if you perhaps have looked into using the Python based DBT as part of your process as well. It aims to bring CI/CD workflows into SQL, using queries for defining tests and ensuring proper model documentation automatically.

As part of my own research I saw a Monzo migration video, Betterment demonstrated their use case with Airflow / Tableau and Bowery Farming showcased their usage in a machine learning pipeline as well.

Apart from that, the creators at Fishtown Analytics were aiming at startups directly and also do great office hours to answer questions / connect like minded people.

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We don’t disclose any part, or information regarding the workings of the algorithm to anyone who is not employed and has an active NDA. (Even if you are employed, you only know what you really need to know).

We thank you for the comments though.


@Ryan This isn’t about algorithm disclosure in any way. DBT is more of a general tool that’s free to use and could make certain parts of the typical machine learning / ETL logic easier and enforce good practices in the process.

I used it for some projects myself, but knowing that I did doesn’t tell you anything specific about the projects I worked on :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Mike if you are flogging your services perhaps best to setup a call with VitraCash at their approval.


I believe that our current processes meet the high standards we expect.

If there is a time we want to look for something else or in addition to current practice, we will keep this in mind.

I believe that my comment regarding disclosure still stands as talking about any part of the process can give people glimpses into our inner workings.