Vitra charged my card?

Hey guys!

I noticed yesterday that I had an unknown charge to my card. My vitra Card is linked to my Curve card, and unfortunately Curve does not specify the merchant/brand where my money was taken from, so now I am left with a purchase i supposedly did at 06:27am yesterday (I wasn’t even awake at that time, my alarm doesn’t ring til 06:30) The reason I am writing here is because the purchase is titled Vit* and after some thinking, I have reason to believe that this transaction is caused by Vitra, as this is the only thing known to me that could be shortned to Vit*.

As stated, I don’t know IF this is caused by Vitra, but I have no reason to believe otherwise. Please let me know if any of you have experienced the same problem. It was about 100$ taken from my account, which I very much would like to get back as I wasn’t even awake at the time this transaction happend. I would also like to mention that I have NEVER even used my Vitra card, I am waiting for the Amex support…

And: I can’t even log into Vitra’s app. I tried re-downloading it, but was left once again with a loding screen when it suddenly said my phone number is incorrect, which it is not.


Please check the pinned topic.


Thanks, that explains it!:smile: