Updates about the state of our systems

If you haven’t already, please read this post first.

Hi everyone,

We have worked hard to get our systems up and running again. Fo everyone who wanted to sign in / sign up during the last weeks, please see our new timelines below:

  • We will enable signing in again next week. We are trying our best to get this done until Wednesday.

  • New Sign Ups will still be temporarily suspended. We aim to enable new sign-ups within the next 3 weeks and will try to send out new cards by end of August.

On top of that, we have an update on the FX fees that were charged to some people for the refunds:

  • We decided to refund the full amount of fees charged to everyone.

  • We started processing those refunds for people who actively messaged us about this.

  • We cannot see how much your bank charged you nor can we issue a refund of the fee to your debit card. For that reason, we need you to contact support@vitracash.com and tell us the exact amount you lost on FX fees and a bank account to which we can transfer the money.

As we did not have any major updates in the last week we did not post anything on the forums. We will post about updates like opening up sign-in and sign-up, starting to enable transactions and issuing new cards. We will also post updates should we have any other major news like the completion of a provider switch.

I ask you to please be considerate with your requests for specific updates. This is still a community forum and not a reporting platform for day-to-day activities. I fully understand if you stopped trusting us because of this incident. But posting daily standups here won’t help anyone.

I want to repeat that we get a lot of comments, privately and publicly, about how well we managed this incident. We responded to everyone who contacted us on the same day, issued refunds immediately and even provided proofs of refund where necessary. Now that all refunds have been processed, we are starting to refund FX losses as well. We even went so far as to send 20 pence.
On top of that, we are tirelessly working on our security and infrastructure. We could have gone live again on the same day but decided to take our time and do it right. This will help us in the long run.

I remain at your disposal if you have any questions.

I hope you have a great heatwave!



Hi Koray, sorry but the above sounds snide. It doesn’t matter about how little you’ve sent, you owed someone that 20p so pay the piper. In this instance size really doesn’t matter.


My point was that we are taking it seriously and doing our best. But I understand that it might sound a little off now that I read it again.


Hi All, little old me just checking in every so often.

My condelences to ‘both sides’ who have experienced issues with the recent data breach - for VC users who understandly are concerned for any loss and the VC Team who must have taken quite a battering to reputation along with the general backlash here and elsewhere.

Having been amongst the early investors and VC app downloader (but never got past the ‘now send me my card’ hurdle) I’ve been patiently waiting in the background, observing the ongoings over the past year or so. With ‘only’ my investments exposed and hoping this hasn’t been a ‘grab it and do a runner’ venture, I remain confident that the Team has been tirelessly resolving the known/unknown gremilns that has stymied progress and further rollout.

I’m no IT expert (I can just about handle ‘ctrl, alt, del’) and have no real idea what challenges the team have faced. I do know what stress and burnout can do (and has done), so both the VC staff and fellow ‘users’ have my utmost admiration for however you’re dealing with this.

I hope @Ryan and everyone’s health and wellbeing is ok or on the mend. Hope you all survived the Big Heatwave!

Be nice to yourself and each other; Biggup Your Status :fist_right:t6:


I still haven’t received any FX refund. When you’ll do it exactly? Sorry to say that, but this process is simply too long! Once again: it’s not about the amount (but in my case it’s more than 10 euros), we’re talking about lost money because of your fault


Hi @tygger ,

have you sent an email to support@vitracash.com, following the instructions on the first post?

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yes, of course, and long ago. i sent my iban details and screenshots to vitra support on the 8th of july… 20 days ago


@Koray, could you please have a look?


unfortunately he didn’t have a look and i’m still waiting for my money. unbelievable

I’m still waiting for mine too. But hey maybe they are actually working on the product now :smiley:
But they are still as bad at communicating what they are doing than before. Used to be far better last year. Even then it was sometimes just empty text.

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Hi @Koray - you may have seen my post on the Global Support. Could you please ensure some sort of explanation of these issues is added into the app as soon as possible?

The amount of time basic damage limitation such as this is taking is really worrying. Everyone understands you’re a startup, but you can’t leave your app basically just dead for weeks with no in-app explanation that the system is down. You need to proactively manage everyone’s expectations, and keep doing so until this is resolved - from users who lost money, to users who are awaiting their card and others who have heard about the service and just want to sign up.


i don’t care anymore, they should pay and should have paid long ago what they owe to us. this is simply unacceptable

I’m also still waiting for the refund of difference between charged and refund. I sent claim at July 7th and got emial July 21st that they sent the difference, but still nothing in my acount.