Update on Transaction Block + Issues (14/02/22)

Update on Transaction Block + Issues

Hi all

This is a new thread to update you on the Update on Ongoing Issues (01/02/22) post.

We have taken the decision to keep transactions turned off, and hold the update until latest, the end of February.

While I know that this may frustrate some of you, it’s an important decision we have taken for the wellbeing and security of the company.

Some reasons as to why we’ve taken this decision are as follows;

  • By delaying the update, we are able to combine the total new look app design, as well as prepare for public launch
  • By keeping transactions turned off during this time period, we can ensure that some compliance bits get cleared up for the public launch
  • Some issues require a third party involvement, as as much as we press them, it can be a slow process

I am sure you all understand that this decision is best for VitraCash, and enables us to ensure we are ready for a public launch towards the start of March.

I’d like to reiterate the following points - just for the avoidance of any doubt.

All transactions are currently turned off. This applies to everyone.

This can include transactions that only do an active card check, as technically the cards are not active while we have transactions switched off.

If you do attempt a transaction, and it appears as ‘confirmed’ in the app, this is an issue that will be fixed with the UI update. Please do not report this. Any ‘holding of funds’ on your underlying card will automatically be released. If after 7 working days, you have not had the funds released to the underlying card, contact us so we can look into this.

The above paragraph will only be an issue for those people who actively attempt a transaction during the outage. We are already aware of declined transactions being shown as confirmed, but this does not claim the money from your underlying card.

While we are in the middle of updating things, the app may not work as expected. This applies to everyone.

This includes trying to add/remove cards, or attempted transactions while transactions are switched off. But a lot of other bits may not work as expected.

Once we are ready to push the new update, we will post here on the forum. When the new version launches, a return to The Week @ VitraCash should also start, as we won’t be putting all of our time into the backend.

Until I can update you again on anything else, if you have a comment, question or reaction, you know what to do :point_down:t3:

Have a great week!

~Ry :man_technologist:t3:


So we can’t use the card until march


At the latest. We hope to turn it on sooner. Just watch the forum for announcements.


All sounds sensible to me.
Only one question, if you are looking to get the update out by end of February and a public launch at the beginning of March, how much time are you dedicating to testing the update in the real world, beta test 2.0 as such?


Hi Matt

It will be a soft launch first, with those existing beta testers having a few days - maybe up to a week - with the new UI and letting us know of any issues; however from internal testing so far we haven’t seen many issues that will affect the functioning of the app.


Will the android version be released on the same day or do you expect a delay?


We aim to launch both together


Excellent news!
Looking forward it


a card showing as locked on the app (as mine does) is what everyone is seeing then ?

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Any images on the new app design?
Would be good if beta testers and investors could give opinions prior to its launch…

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Hi @tangey, as I’ve said before, not everyone is seeing a locked card. As we’ve looked into your case, you cards are active and your issue of them showing locked will be fixed with the UI update.

Bear in mind - although I say active - you cannot spend on the cards even if they were showing unlocked.

Hi @Alex_Davis see below, it’ll be a soft launch.

We won’t be leaking the design until we publish as we are extremely happy with it from an internal point.


Sounds good to me team… make sure everything is a ok then let us loose on it to find the hidden bugs


Could you maybe put out a notification on the app to notify all the users so theh dont think the whole system is bugged?

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We can’t right now, as pushing an update with this notice could make other issues.

Everyone who gets in contact with us though is given a full reason through support :smiley:


Same here - card locked; Will await update and co.

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Hey @robstaaaar

As I’ve said to Tangey here;

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Hi Ryan,

Yep thx. Will stop hassling you for now :laughing:


Hi Ryan

As we are two weeks on from the last update which mentioned at the end of February we should receive some more news, can we receive another update?

Thank you


Hi Karan

We hope to push an update this week, however with the situation in Ukraine and some of our staff being in the area, they are trying to get out of that zone and therefore we will prioritise their safety over pushing an update this week if we need to.

When we have an update for you, it will be posted here and to our social media accounts.


Too right! :clap: I’ll leave you this from Benjamin Franklin. “There never was a good war or a bad peace.”