Update on Ongoing Issues (01/02/22)

Update on Ongoing Issues

Hi all

This is an update on the Ongoing Issues thread.

Firstly, we’d like to thank you all for your continued patience while we fix these issues. We know that some of these issues can be frustrating, but we appreciate those of you who have patiently waited throughout them, who have understood and remembered we are still a small startup team, and have been working as hard as we possibly can to rectify the issues.

I’d now like to update you on some bits.

Disappearing Cards & I can’t add my card

This was done only to those cards which were added and were not forced to go through 3DS either at all or to a high enough standard.

Once we push the next update, you will be able to re-add these cards, and if your issuer still doesn’t enforce a 3DS challenge, you will be able to verify the card in way of a 4 digit pin - similar to how Paypal verifies cards.

Declined Transactions

We have purposefully made sure that these have not been turned back on yet while we implement the new security systems in the background.

With the next update, payments will be able to be made as normal.

Activation of VitraCards

This issue is now resolved.

I’d like to remind people that once we are aware of an issue, please do not continue to make new threads about this issue, it clogs the forum up, and risks creating duplicate internal tickets for the same matter which will only delay us in getting the issue fixed.

When the team say we are aware and an update will be posted when possible; we are not lying - we will post an update once we have it. Creating new threads and posts every couple of hours again hampers us ensuring new problems are caught quickly as we are spending time reminding people what we told them on their other thread.

We aim to push an update towards the end of this week/early next week, which will become our new ‘stable’ version.

We are also really excited to share with you the new UI - which has some really cool subtle features I am sure you will all enjoy.

Until I can update you again on anything else, if you have a comment, question or reaction, you know what to do :point_down:t3:

Have a great week!

~Ry :man_technologist:t3:


Hi Ryan, I am still getting issues. I am seeing invalid card key when I try to activate. I used to have this before and prior to that I had the app crashing issue.


Hi @Vikas_Goyal - have you updated to the 27 January version of the app? This seemed to fix it for most people.

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Hi @Ryan im still having issues and can’t see a January update available.


Go to the play store link recently updates it should work


Hi Alex

There is definitely an update there.

It does fix most of the recent issues.


It just says ‘open’ where it would say ‘update’…


I don’t think there has been a new iOS update recently. Might be getting wires crossed between iOS and Android potentially?

This is the version sitting in TestFlight for iOS.


Sorry Ryan i thought I had but obviously not. Thanks card now activated!

Look forward to being able to use the card once the decline transactions issue is fixed (presumably this is on both the virtual and physical card)


My card did activated when I originally received it, but then subsequently locked.

The first post says that the activation issue is sorted. Is this true of ios app ? There has been no update to the app for quite a while, 2 weeks according to the app store.


Hi @tangey - this just references activating your card.

Those that are appearing locked is still an issue.

@Alex_Davis, @Steve is right. The issue mainly presented on Android which is why this was pushed.

Is the issue you have activating cards?


No, the issue I have is one I raised via a ticket that my card transactions are not going through and being declined.
I know it’s not an issue with the underlying card as I end up having to use that to make the payment.


@Alex_Davis - I go over this in the first post. We haven’t enabled transactions again yet.


Can you confirm that my issue of the physical card activating fine, but then being de-activated after support tried to get my virtual card to activate, is an ongoing generic issue, and not a specific issue for me. I don’t see it mentioned in the ongoing issues post

Its now been like that for 3 weeks, I managed to use the card once on the 18-Jan, and afterwards all is locked.

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Your issue is logged.

No-one can spend at all with a physical or virtual card, as is mentioned above.


Thanks for the response. The ongoing issues mentions “declined transactions”, which I took to understand that it meant the card was activate, but your backend was failing to authorise transactions. I did not take that to mean that all cards were showing locked in the app.

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Cards aren’t showing as locked for everyone, however no one can spend. As I said under declined transactions;

The issue of locked cards should be fixed once we push the update with new UI etc.


my card isnt working
am i suppose to report it or is it already noticed by the team ?



Hey @fmrtsvl

As I’ve mentioned above (and quoted below) transactions are currently turned off for everyone.



On Tuesday 1st February, you had posted:
“We aim to push an update towards the end of this week/early next week, which will become our new ‘stable’ version”

This looked like the latest the update would arrive is around the Tuesday 8th February. We are now on Monday 14th February with no further update. Please could we receive an update as to when the card will be usable?

And slightly on topic but off topic, I haven’t received my pin code for my card. Is this something that will be accessible on the App once the update goes live? Or do I need to go somewhere to request the pin?

Thank you