True Name Mastercard Feature

I’ve just read an news article about Bunq who added the feature “True Name” also in Germany and I think it’s an great idea which you maybe should consider too :smiley:


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS IDEA! :heart_eyes: :rainbow_flag:

Obviously Mastercard has allowed it, but for the more technical aspects of working it in is definitely for @ben to view and speak of.


I’ll definitely make sure to take a look at it, and we’ll make sure to implement it if we are allowed to!


Wouldn’t this cause problems in some circumstances if the name on the card doesn’t match the name on the ID?


Hello @Feanor,

True Name shouldn’t affect the KYC/5AML checks (Mastercard wouldn’t have allowed it otherwise).

In the UK, it has always been possible to obtain an “additional cardholder” card in any name you like without providing any ID for the 2nd person (if there really is one :wink:)

Years ago, I was routinely asked for ID when using my UK bank cards in Germany. But this hasn’t happened for a long time and now no-one even checks whether the card is signed.

Whether to use True Name should be an informed choice by the customer. I would hope Vitracash would make people aware of any pros and cons as part of the on-boarding process.

More and more countries are allowing True Name on official ID so I would hope it will become less of a problem in time.


Hey @Feanor, I think @Martin has done a great job of summing this up for you, however I would urge you to have a read of the feature on the MasterCard website.

Something VitraCash will be from day one is inclusive. So whatever we can do within technological limits, and limits set by the likes of MasterCard will be what we aim for.

Martin is completely right, that we will offer a full list of pros and cons to it, and I think it’s important to point out that the majority of customers probably wouldn’t be affected by True Name & would still use the name on their passport/Government issued ID as the name on their card.

We’ve got this one written down in the backlog & we will look more into it as we move forward.


Which agile methodology do you use, out of interest?

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Just an FYI; I’ve updated the link to show the European True Name landing page.


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