TiPJAR - cashless tipping integration

TiPJAR are currently having an extremely successful second fund raising round on Crowdcube for their cashless tipping platform.

Is this something VitraCard could work with?

It is now backed by Monzo co-founder Gary Dolman who is also now on the board.

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Not sure if this is something that can be integrated seeing as it’s a QR code and web browser system, you would just pay with your VitraCard.

I’ll add it to our backlog to look at though.

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If you can use VitraCard as normal then that’s fine. They are certainly targeting a market with massive global potential.

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What prompted me to post was by looking at who had reviewed VitraCash…our very own @Amalia_Vorobeva

Then in her Google review photos highlighting a large number of QR codes which I assume are for different purposes from paying to tipping.

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It may be a way of paying. Here in Sweden we are able to pay via QR codes with a bank-linked app.


I invested in tip jar last round and again this… seemed like a good investment at the time and apparently is


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