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Hi all, (CC: @investors)

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A massive thank you for all the support and feedback we got from investors, early users and interested people about our product, the vision, the company and more! We loved having the ability to be so close to our early customers in the early days.

In recent months we started being overwhelmed by all the support channels we offer and didn’t keep up properly with answering, moderating and engaging with all of them. We underestimated the resources it takes to moderate a community forum properly, which led to topics getting out of hand and wrong impressions and news to the public. Due to that reason, we took the tough decision to close down the channels we do not have the capacity to actively maintain, which includes this community forum.
This post will stay in read-only mode until next month, at which point we will delete the subdomain. Please continue reading to see alternative ways of getting support.

For Investors

The following applies to you if you are a CrowdCube investor.

We appreciate that most of the forum users were early investors through CrowdCube. I can only repeat how thankful I personally am for the feedback we got from all of you.
Again, due to us being overwhelmed with support requests, our investor relations from now on will be reduced to a mandatory quarterly update that will be pushed out via CrowdCube, rather than involving you all in day-to-day operations. I understand that this must be frustrating to a lot of you, but I can only repeat that we simply do not have the capacity to focus on involving investors in our operations and the overhead we had because of that was unfortunately too much.

CrowdCube will follow up with all of you with statements of beneficial ownership for the current round in the next few working days. After that, you will be issued EIS statements if you are eligible.

For Users

If you are a User of the VitraCash app, please note that this forum is not being maintained anymore. If you have support-related questions or issues, please refer to or to our Telegram Group over here: Telegram: Contact @vitracash

If you want to keep up to date with news on VitraCash and the VitraCard, please visit our Landing Page or Social Media Channels (linked on the website footer).

If your support ticket was closed recently or you did not receive an answer, please send a new email and repeat your request. We recently changed providers and some tickets got closed automatically without us being able to respond. Please take our sincere apology for longer waiting times than usual during the summertime.

While this opens up a new chapter and some of you might be intimidated without a direct way of reaching us, I can assure you that it will lead to higher-quality responses in our open Support channels and faster response times.

I am exited about the future of VitraCash and am, again, really grateful for all the help and support we got from our community so far! Thank you very much for being part of our journey!

Koray Koska (CEO).


I am an investor. Where are my share certificates?
The back and forth with CrowdCube during the summertime was longer than expected. You should receive statements of beneficial ownership within the next few working days.

When will I receive my EIS certificates?
There is no ETA yet as we need CrowdCube to send out the statements of beneficial ownership plus a list of eligible EIS investors first. You will receive an update from CrowdCube once they are ready.

How can I receive investor updates?
We will operate a more conservative approach to investor relations and will send out quarterly updates instead of involving you in day-to-day activities. If you don’t receive quarterly updates it might be because you are a beneficial shareholder in a competing business.
The next update is due on the 15th of January.

I have a support request. Who can help me?
Please email

How can I stay up-to-date with VitraCash News?
Visit our website or follow us on Instagram.

I got no answer to my support ticket in a reasonable amount of time.
Please create a new support ticket by emailing
We recently switched providers and were not able to recover all open tickets.