The Week @ VitraCash (26/07-01/08)

The Week @ VitraCash
[WC: 26 July through 01 August]

Hi all, welcome to the third post in the The Week series. I gave myself a slap on the wrist for missing a week, so I am ensuring I get this done!

This week has been very busy, for everyone. Let’s see what’s been done.

@koraykoska has again been busy with getting the process for printing our cards ready, working on the Android and iOS configuration and a whole lot of meetings. He has also been liaising with a compliance company to ensure we are ready.

@FlorianWinkler has been getting things ready for the press, and having a lot of meetings.

@gabriel_sperrer starts with us fully today, and so I will be able to give you a full update next week for him, however he’s had interviews and meetings with Koray and Benyam, as well as our Intern Gus.

@Ryan This week I have probably annoyed a few people with my constant chasing them up by email, however with deadlines I haven’t really had a choice! Our staff Health Insurance launches today for all staff, and for myself and Gabriel, we trial out the new platform for a global workforce. I’ve been working with Koray on the compliance, and will be spending this week coming getting paperwork ready for that. I have also been doing some preparation on investor perks for those of you eligible.

@benyam has again been working hard on the Android development, and getting to know some of the different features we’ll be implementing into the software/app.

@gus has been getting to grips with bits around scrums and Zenhub, and is looking forward to his second full week with us!

Our iOS app is in a closed TestFlight beta while we work on getting the building bricks all into place, but there’s an amazing feeling that it’s close!

Until the next update, if you have any questions, feel free to drop a post or comment on the forum!

Signing off;
~ Ry :man_technologist:

:bulb: Do you know an iOS Developer? Have them apply! :point_down:t3:


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