The Week @ VitraCash (23/08-29/08)

The Week @ VitraCash
[WC: 23 August through 29 August]

Hi all, welcome to the latest post in the The Week series.

As usual, everyone has been busy this week. Let’s see what’s been done.

This Weeks Personals

@Koray “Our BIN is live :tada:, we updated our KYC policies and are officially using Passbase now which will lead to a smooth onboarding of users, followed up with advisors and some investors, got some proposals from FX brokers to provide great fee-less exchange rates to our users, solved some technical questions for Checkout (our acquirer)”

@Florian has been busy with lots of little things behind the scenes that all add up to a lot.

@gabriel_sperrer “Worked on KYC, integrated the Checkout API and did a lot of improvements in the Codebase overall.”

@Ryan “I have continued setting up our Customer Support desk with knowledge base articles ready for launch, as well as the email notifications someone who creates a ticket will receive. I’ve been busy with lots of other mundane tasks which are too boring to post here!”

@benyam “Worked on Checkout integration for the client (android) and adding card(s) to Vitra app is finally done. Also, worked on home screen UI.”

@gus completed his last day of his internship on Friday, and we are all so thankful for the help he has given these past 4 weeks. We wish him luck in Uni and whatever he goes on to do!

This Weeks Good To Know

  • Our iOS app is in a closed TestFlight beta while we work on getting the building bricks all into place, but there’s an amazing feeling that it’s close!

  • Our BIN has gone live! (Bank Identification Number; the first 4-6 digits displayed on your card)

  • VitraCards have been ordered, and we are awaiting a date of delivery prior to sending our next email update to investors.

  • This week coming, we should be able to confirm merchandise orders and get the ball rolling for this.

  • Our partnership with Growth Gorilla continues to blossom and help us ready towards launch.

  • We are close to confirming which provider we will be going through to Plant a Tree for Every Investor.

Until the next update, if you have any questions, feel free to drop a post or comment on the forum!

Signing off;
~ Ry :man_technologist:


Thanks for the update. Please let me know your targeted date for rolling out the apps and begin commercialize. Then when you think it is good for ipo? Which exchange you will list


Hi @Sh2550

Once we have a firm date for our card delivery, this will be conveyed to investors through an update email.

First it will be open to investors & their free invites, depending on amount invested, then for our waitlist, followed by a full open to the public by the end of Q4.

Regarding IPO, this is something not currently on our radar. As Koray said in our last investors meet up; right now it’s our baby, and there is probably a 5 year timeline before we look towards floating/being acquired. This will of course be communicated and talked about within out Investors Hub prior to this.


Will we please have local BINs to avoid annoying DCC prompts? :thinking: Something that might help user experience a lot outside “main BIN” country (probably UK)… :sunglasses:


Great question, @Petr. Let me grab a proper answer for you and I’ll come back to you.


Hey @Petr

Our BIN has special sub-bins for local currencies. Every EEA country will be assigned special card numbers with their local currency as the cardholder billing currency, therefore DCC prompts should not happen in your country.

If they do let us know so we can fix the problem.


Perfect :+1:, thank you for detailed info @Ryan! :hugs:


Hi! Where do i register to beta-test the Vitracard?


Hi @joaomcvieira

I will be starting a thread for people to do this in about 10 minutes.