The Week @ VitraCash (15/11-28/11)

The Week @ VitraCash
[WC: 15 November through 28 November]

Hi everyone, welcome to the next instalment of The Week @ VitraCash, where we try to share as much as possible about what we’ve been doing over the past 14 days, keeping you updated and informed.

This Weeks’ Preamble
Thank you for joining us again this week! I’d like to apologise that we skipped a week, however a few internal and external factors meant I was unable to get one done last week.

As usual, everyone has been hard at work, and last week our founders moved to London to be able to take up our new HQ located within Canary Wharf. This week has been full on as we edge closer and closer to the beta launch. Speaking of our beta, if you signed up to take part, please check your email as there was an important email sent out to everyone on Friday 26th Nov as we require 1 important piece of information before we can send the invites out.

What have we been doing this week?

I’ve been busy with lots of meetings and behind the scenes bits that all add up to a lot, as well as assisting with the apps. I’m also starting to settle in to my new London home!

Did a lot of miscellaneous operation tasks which will become essential in the next few months and delegated a couple of legal and other topics to our partners. Worked a lot on the decision system and finished the first version of it for the beta launch. I am finally in London and I feel like this was one of my most productive weeks working for VitraCash yet, the work vibe of Canary Wharf is already taking its effect. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been busy with helping the development team to ensure we reach our final goal of opening the beta testing as soon as possible.

This week again I’ve faced a few stalling blocks, both internally and externally, but mainly that of pain as my wound continues to heal. I have had some calls this week with different people, both inside and outside of the company for some internal updates we will be performing from now until the end of year.

I have also been working behind the scenes on the forum implementing some other updates, as well as continuing the first drafting of our employee handbook and other HR items.

This week, Zulfia has been busy with recruitment interviews and settling in within her new London home!

Has been working hard on the Android App getting it ready for beta launch.

This week I have been working on Card Details Screen.

This week, I’ve mainly been working on our Instagram account! We will soon start posting snippets of our Instagram which we feel may interest you on the forum under the #news-blogs category.

Social Numbers - we will soon be able to offer you some insights into our social media again.
GIPHY - :tada: Our VitraCash stickers have received over 1 million views on GIPHY! :champagne:

This Weeks’ This Weeks Good To Know

  • :credit_card: Our first ever real world transaction with a VitraCard took place on 30 September!

  • :credit_card: Staff are receiving their cards over the next week to help finalise real world testing for our Regulated Partners to sign off on, which will lead to the next item…

  • :iphone:The beta testing of our app is coming towards the end of internal testing, and we plan on being able to send invites out within the last week of November at the latest.

    • :information_source: Have you requested to be part of our beta testing? If so, your details have been added to the list, and the week we go live with beta testing, you will be added to our exclusive Beta Lab category.
  • :gorilla: Our partnership with Growth Gorilla continues to blossom, and each week they are helping push adverts out through Social Media and Search Engines.

  • :deciduous_tree: Within the next month, we hope to announce our preferred partner for Plant a Tree for Every Investor.

Until the next update or if you have any questions, comments or reactions, you know what to do! :point_down:t3:

Signing off;
~ Ry :man_technologist:


Sounds very productive! Hope you’re all settling in well!


I’m afraid I haven’t received it… :fearful: Can you send me again please?


@Ryan I have not received the email either, check spam and nothing there. Could ounplease resend. Thanks


@Ryan I am not also received mail, I am checked spam folder and nothing


Hello @Ryan

Sorry, nothing in my mailbox on or around the 26th, either. Deffo not in spam. Please can you resend or PM?



NOTICE :warning:

If you haven’t received an email from us regarding the BETA, please DM me with your full name and mobile number (including country code).


Great news so far, can’t wait to see the first VitraCards being used in-person. I did have a quick question though, is it at all possible to see how the adverts you are rolling out look like If not, no worries!


When should we expect our beta invites?


Hey Sebastian!

Absolutely, I’ll make sure I either post some this weekend with the update for you, or I’ll do a separate post with them.

I’ll tag you for sure!


Hey, anyone got a VitaCard to test? Says end of November. I like the colours of the card. Pretty.

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Hi Steve

I did say we planned on being able to!

We are getting closer now. I promise!


As an investor are we automatically invited to the beta ? (sorry should definitely know this haha). I don’t believe I have signed up if that’s required.

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Hi Andy

Investors are not automatically invited to the beta, they only receive their cards prior to everyone else.

If you want to be included, please drop me a message with;

  • Your full name
  • Operating system
  • Email linked to your App Store
  • Phone number with dialling code
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Hi Ryan I haven’t received any email on 26.11.2021. Please give me the email to send you the requested details. Thanks

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I did receive an email on 03/12 saying “:heavy_check_mark: You’re on the waitlist!”

Is that a follow up email from 26/11 as well? Or is that a separate mention? As I did sign up for BETA testing.


No email for me but I did get a survey.

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