The Week @ VitraCash (08/11-14/11)

The Week @ VitraCash
[WC: 08 November through 14 November]

Hi everyone, welcome to the next instalment of The Week @ VitraCash, where we try to share as much as possible about what we’ve been doing over the past 7 days, keeping you updated and informed.

This Weeks’ Preamble
Thank you for joining us again this week! Today in much of the world is Remembrance Sunday. A day to reflect, pause, and think about all of those that lost their lives fighting for our freedoms and democracy through, not just the two world wars, but other disagreements or wars.

You may have noticed a couple of updates towards the latter end of this week on the Community Forum, and while I won’t be going into those in detail this week, expect more over the next couple of weeks. Some of it won’t affect you much, or at all, but it all comes together to ensure the forum is consistent and works well for everyone.

What have we been doing this week?

I’ve been busy with lots of meetings and behind the scenes bits that all add up to a lot, as well as assisting with the apps. I’m also getting ready to move to London!

I prepared material for a big PR event next week and have been in contact with some investors. We finalised the contract with our landlord in London which means we will be able to move next week! :grin:
We got our cards this week and I’m extremely happy that we are now in the last phase of internal testing before the beta launch. I’m very happy with our development team who also got a lot done this week.

I have been busy with helping the development team to ensure we reach our final goal of opening the beta testing as soon as possible.

I got my residence permit for Sweden! (Finally, after 2 years!)

This week I’ve faced a few stalling blocks, mainly that of pain as my wound continues to heal. I have had some calls this week with different people, both inside and outside of the company for some internal updates we will be performing from now until the end of year.

I have also been working behind the scenes on the forum implementing some other updates, as well as continuing the first drafting of our employee handbook.

This week, Zulfia has been busy with our social media presence. She’s kindly provided us some numbers so everyone can see our progression! She has also been getting herself ready to move to London.

Instagram, SEO & YouTube - This week has seen some stories be posted to our Instagram. Did you see them?

GIPHY - :tada: Our VitraCash stickers have received over 1 million views on GIPHY! :champagne:

Has been working hard on the Android App getting it ready for beta launch.

This week I have been working on Home Screen. Some UI and routing problems have been solved. UI is almost ready to show data from the backend.

Has continued settling in and getting used to our operations.

This Weeks’ This Weeks Good To Know

  • :credit_card: Our first ever real world transaction with a VitraCard took place on 30 September!

  • :credit_card: Staff are receiving their cards over the next week to help finalise real world testing for our Regulated Partners to sign off on, which will lead to the next item…

  • :iphone:The beta testing of our app is coming towards the end of internal testing, and we plan on being able to send invites out within the last week of November at the latest.

    • :information_source: Have you requested to be part of our beta testing? If so, your details have been added to the list, and the week we go live with beta testing, you will be added to our exclusive Beta Lab category.
  • :shopping: 99% of merchandise boxes have been delivered, those of you in the UK who were meant to receive, but for whatever reason rejected the delivery or didn’t pick it up, the merch has been returned to us.

  • :gorilla: Our partnership with Growth Gorilla continues to blossom, and each week they are helping push adverts out through Social Media and Search Engines.

  • :deciduous_tree: Within the next 6 weeks, we hope to announce our preferred partner for Plant a Tree for Every Investor.

Until the next update or if you have any questions, comments or reactions, you know what to do! :point_down:t3:

Signing off;
~ Ry :man_technologist:


End of November? Can’t wait! :grin:


Hey Team and fellow 'vestors.

Many thanks for the regular weekly summary of what’s be going on; been a bit hectic my end, so not been on the forum as much. Keep up the good work; hold tight :fist_right:


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