The Week @ VitraCash (02/08-08/08)

The Week @ VitraCash
[WC: 02 August through 08 August]

Hi all, welcome to the latest post in the The Week series.

As usual, everyone has been busy this week. Let’s see what’s been done.

This Weeks Personals

@Koray has been working on our iOS app, hosting a lot of meetings and getting compliance and card things ready. He has also got an email update for investors ready to be sent out shortly.

@Florian has unfortunately been ill this week, and therefore has spent majority of his time recuperating. We all wish him well and hope he’s back to his normal self soon.

@gabriel_sperrer Has enjoyed his first official week with us. He’s had interviews and been working on our iOS app.

@Ryan This week, as I was last week, I have been doing more preparation on investor perks for those of you eligible. I have the survey ready to be sent, we are just waiting to sign off on the merch now we have the complete tally of numbers so we can order enough. I have also been having interviews and getting some compliance bits done.

@benyam has again been working hard on the Android development, and getting to know some of the different features we’ll be implementing into the software/app.

@gus has been getting to grips with bits around scrums and Zenhub, and has enjoyed his second full week with us!

This Weeks Good To Know

  • Our iOS app is in a closed TestFlight beta while we work on getting the building bricks all into place, but there’s an amazing feeling that it’s close!

  • Look out for an update from Koray this week with important announcements.

  • This week coming some community changes will be taking place with a new category for reporting bugs (once the app is open to the public), so as to not clog the customer service email up with these. The idea is so engineers can reply directly to customers with updates.

  • We are continuing to investigate the missing user flairs, and why it wasn’t fixed by us installing the pushed update.

Until the next update, if you have any questions, feel free to drop a post or comment on the forum!

Signing off;
~ Ry :man_technologist:


Be keen here of London office locations as and when but I guess you want the card launched, running and generating revenue before taking that step rather than using funding to fuel leases.

If everyone tends to remote work would just hot desking in a pay as you go model work to begin with.

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We definitely want our own office & are continuing with this idea.

It won’t feature in every update, but it’s still moving forward.

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