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While I’m a bit of a newbie here, I have seen initially great fintechs suffering with stuffing up their support team in the past. I’m not sure if that was a side effect of growing to fast or over confidence combined with bad planning. Either way, e.g. Curve / Monese are 2 sad examples to my mind which were let down that way.

This made we wonder how Vitra Cash intends to achieve a balance between growing a user base and ensuring reasonable support for them in case any issues happen.


Perfect question @Mike! :+1:


@ryan has been working this back in August so probably best positioned for a response.


Hey Mike

Thank you for joining us here on the forum.

You are right that you are a bit of a newbie here - so you won’t have seen first hand how supportive we are and quick to answer questions and queries.

We are also very open with investors, and other users.

Our plans for Support in the initial stages will be amongst management all sharing the burden, as for the first 2-3 months we do not envisage the support requirements to be that high.

Probably from Q2, 2022, we will be looking at hiring in customer support agents, who will be trained primarily by me and our handbook, as out of everyone here I have the most varied management experience and pride myself on how I’ve implemented various customer service strategies at places I have worked before.

The customer will always be number 1 focus, and there will be a clearly defined escalation map for anything that may require that little bit more help.


Confirming! :hugs:

Great to hear (read)! :+1:

Guys, really please do not underestimate this - there will be lots of pre-auth problems for underlying cards, refund problems, etc. and it could blow you away completely :hot_face::exploding_head::boom: very fast and easily if you do not have sufficient manpower, tools and processes for customer support available… :confounded::dizzy_face:


Thank you for easing my mind. It’s nice knowing what we’re doing is being noticed.

Don’t worry Petr! We have already discussed internally how we will handle everything for the first couple of months, and we will all be sharing the responsibility. We will ensure that we are as available as possible.


I couldn’t agree more. It does seem to be a noticeable pattern too. Here’s hoping this breaks that mould

Hi Chris, here’s a reply I sent to Mike, which I hope you will find helpful.


What Mike says is very important. As a long time Curve user, Curve has been very poor on customer service. It always has been and this year it just completely fell apart. Capital On Tap have a fantastic customer support team (contactable by phone and live chat) with terrific response times.

When I started using Curve, I had so many problems with trying to get the card to work with even the basic Tesco transactions. So I would second what Mike says, ensure you have the required capacity to be able to cope with support.

I do run a customer support team (via facebook/emails/tickets only) if of any interest.

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Hi Karan

One of my expertise is customer service, please view my response to Mike above.


Hello Mike,

I used to hate Revolut, N26 customer support as well. Support agents seemed unbelievably strange and kind of even inadequate.

But the more I know about FinTechs the more I understand what is wrong.

First of all, the agents are not necessarily {opposite of clever}, they are just not allowed to answer some questions, because the bank industry is highly regulated. There are a lot of things FinTechs and Banks are simply not allowed to tell their customers.

In addition to this, the customer support agents just see almost nothing in their system, sometimes not even more than you do in your banking app. This is made because of YOUR privacy, the banks can’t show all your bank account information to the agents. If the agents had ALL THE POWER over your account, they could easily cause harm. And you don’t want some random agent to see all your sensitive information and have the power to change anything he wants, do you? Their hands are often tied.

Any Neobank gets to decide, what information the agents can access and it’s often hard to find the middle way. I hope VitraCash manages to do it better than anyone else.

In the end, I want to add, that it’s not the only reason for bad customer support. Sometimes the agents are just {opposite of clever}. A Revolut agent just gave me WRONG Information once, because he was not educated properly. My American insurance only sends money via SWIFT ( but you can’t use an IBAN, but some mysterious “account number”). And there is a way to convert the IBAN to ACCOUNT NUMBER. I don’t know how a support agent can know nothing about it.
The support agent told me, the money would never enter my account if I convert my IBAN to an account number (there are some tools online, it’s not rocket science). But it worked out without any problems. So talking to the agent was not only a waste of time but also just misleading.


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