Support Operating Status: 20 May 2022

Support Operating Status - 20 May 2022

1930 CEST
We are having issues with our support channels (email support and bug/feature request boards).

This has been on and off this past week (since 15 May), however there is now a full outage.

We are working hard with third party providers of the softwares to ensure a quick fix, however as the full outage has come on a Friday evening, please be aware that it may not be resolved until Monday (23 May) morning.

As soon as the support channels are in operational order again, we will update this thread and look at getting all outstanding requests at least a primary response on the day it is back.

We apologise for the outage, and should we have any further updates or news, this thread will be updated.


26 May, 1930 CEST
Having found the issue with the help of the third party providers, we are setting up a new support centre that will be better all-round.

It will grow better with us, offer new tools and give you, the end user, better access to support.

We aim to have this new tool up and running by the end of this week, or Monday 30th at the very most.

Once a new update is available, this post will be updated in the usual manner.