Spring Forum Updates (24/03/22)

Spring Forum Updates - 24 March 2022

Hi everyone!

With Spring now here, we’ve made some minimal - but at the same time important - updates to our forum.

So, without delay, lets’ head in to what’s changed.

House Rules

We have made some amendments to our Community House Rules, both in style and wording.

For starters, we have now moved them to a new home: FAQ/Guidelines

There is now the house rules, some other bits of information as well as an FAQ at the bottom of the page.

We would recommend users take a look at these, because as we’ve said, some of the wording has changed.


Some eagle eyed visitors may have noticed that the small Intercom icon is missing from the bottom right of the forum now.

We have made a decision to move away from Intercom as we didn’t feel that it was value for money for us, however we are looking out for alternatives so that there can be a live chat support function in app eventually.

If you had contacted us through Intercom before, and used the reply-to email, please do not use this any longer as your email will not reach us. You can instead email support.

Feature Requests and Bug Reports

Instead of having these on the forum, where there is no real way to offer you tracking on them, we have set up a board where you can post them, and see their status.

If you have a feature request, you can submit this by clicking here.

If you have a bug report, you can submit this by clicking here.

We have migrated the existing feature requests over to the new board, and where possible, accredited the original poster. Some people may have posts written by myself in their name though, as I forgot to turn off something.

Beta Lab

With the public launch of the app really close, we want to prepare those of you who are a member of the #beta lab that your access to this will be removed soon after the public launch.

We will then open a sign up form for those who wish to join our beta program to test new versions and features first going forward, ensuring that you are happy to report bugs etc through a beta board on the same site as the feature requests and bug reports.

Only beta users will be able to access this board, and we need to give you access by email which is why you will need to sign up.

The Week @ VitraCash

Once the app has finally launched, The Week @ VitraCash will return, possibly with a new name and slightly different format.

We also expect that this will now be posted on a Friday evening, rather than a Sunday morning.

That’s everything in terms of our early Spring forum updates.

If you have any questions (regarding the forum/these updates), you know what to do! :point_down:t3:

Have a great rest of the week, and weekend!

~ Ry :man_technologist:t3:


That sounds great Ryan… intercom LOL never used it so you did right to bin it, save our investment cash for more worth while things👍


Just noticed. Good to see the button that was under it is now uncovered so we can minimise and navigate between forums when using iOS DiscourseHub app.

I think that type of feature would be better on the website? If anyone has made it to the forum, can’t see why they would not just use the communication options available on the forum; private message, reply to a post, create a topic etc.

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