Spotify Wrapped: 2021

With 2021 rolling to a close, I’m sure a lot of us have looked at our Spotify Wrapped.

If you’re anything like me; you’ll have found a few surprises in your wrap-up.

Should you like to, feel free to share some of your highlights in a reply, or simply discuss other peoples!

Now; I admit that I like Twenty One Pilots, I just didn’t realise just how much I apparently do.

I didn’t expect to be in the top 0.5% of Sweden listening to them! Nor did I realise I’d listened to so much Spotify in all this year.

So: what’s yours?


I don’t use Spotify, I use SoundCloud a lot.


I really should get spotify. Only feels like I recently moved from CDs to ITunes :joy:

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I still play only vinyls at home… :innocent:


I have two vinyls. Band Aid 1984 and Kylie Minogue locomotion :rofl:

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I use Amazon misic

Top track… :joy::joy::joy:

Tracking treasure LOL


Talking about tracking treasure down… binance have relisted Luna and Luna may have a chance at recovery so I been reading.

I’ll put 100 quid on that bet…

Riding the crypto winter storm. Up still for now.