Registration + no card + no login

on the 21. june i subscribed and paid for a card. 2-3 weeks later there was the hack which happened… up to now i havent received my card nor im able to still login.

So im not sure if my account is even still active and if i still will get a card… at least i paid for one…



Hi @UncleChicken,

Vitracash is currently changing supplier for the cards. In communication to the community it has been said the new cards should start to be sent out in the next few weeks.
Please be patient as they need to get all security fixes in place before having any cards sent out and turning the app back on.

You can read the update in the fixed message.

Have good weekend.


Thanks for your response!

The thing is, as a customer i cant even see if everything goes wrong (if i even will get a card) since i cant even log in or do anything else. I just remember my payment being taken off my account 1-2 months ago and since then nothing happened. No progress…

Well, lets hope everything goes well :confused:

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Same here. I paid 10 pounds and then 2 days later they shut down. No information if my account was approved and a new card will arrive. In the dark completely


yea, we have no clue if anything is going to happen or if the money went to nirvana. only the word of a mod