Problem signing up for the app - EU


I am trying to make an account. I am from The Netherlands. The app is saying that my phone number is incorrect.
Clearly, I know my phone number and international phone code. :slight_smile:



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I woud suggest that you add that as a bug, here’s the link for you to do that.

Thanks for your question.


Okay thanks, I have submitted the bug. I will try later with different phone numbers. Busy now


I have a similar issue trying to register with a UK number so its not just you. I can’t get it to accept my number either.

Have reported it as a bug too.


I have tried now with several Dutch numbers. So I think it is a current bug indeed. Would be nice to get this looked into asap, preventing people to register is not a good look imo.


I had the exact same bug but it turned out someone (who will remain nameless) was using the wrong credentials. After that was sorted out all was well.

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Same problem for me. I had previously been able to get into the app just using my password (though I wish the app was recognised by my password manager), then face recognition (iOS). I made the mistake of logging out.

Now it keeps telling me I’m using the wrong number. Using +44 for UK and have tried my mobile both with and without the initial digit. Same result. Deleting the app and reinstalling has the same result too.
Is the app actually checking with some database of registered phone numbers? The ‘number is incorrect’ message seems to come up awfully quick, suggesting that maybe the app is not connecting, or it doesn’t like the combination of country code and number.


Good morning everyone,

I’ve raised this with the devs, it’s our highest priority bug to investigate and resolve.
I’ll provide an update ASAP.


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