Problem seflie for registration with Mi 11 T pro


Do you have problems with Xiaomi phones, with my mi 11 T Pro impossible to make the selfie for the registration phase? I specify, I have activated the access to the camera

Thank you in advance for your feedback


Hi @LeDuc,

Is the camera working and just not taking the selfie or is re screen black?

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I have a Xiaomi and haven’t managed to order a card yet due to card added type not supported but the app just doesn’t like my phone either crashes a lot. I’m currently back at crashing when trying to add home address in new app released the other day.

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@LeDuc @Matt_Lester @Trojan_ere

Please click the following link and make the verification through your phone browser.

You will have to use the same email address as the one from your Vitra account, otherwise we can’t match it up.

Please let me know via DM once you did that.


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