Possible eco-friendly idea

Owing to @Martin bringing it up in one of his posts, I had another extension of the idea.

Martin said he’d love to see recycled cards, which is an amazing idea.

How would the community feel about Vitra planting a tree for every X spent among card holders?

For example
The threshold is for every £100 spent by users collectively a day, 1 tree is planted.

In 1 day, all users spend a total of £123,456. That’s a total of 1,234 trees planted on behalf of Vitra and it’s users.

Obviously needs to have the threshold etc worked out, but I think it’s something I would be happy to help and would encourage me to spend using my Vitra card more.

Plus, it gives Vitra a good name and supports the climate.

Does this idea sound good to you?

  • Yes, plant those :evergreen_tree:!
  • Umm, nope!

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It’s definitely something we’re going to think about doing but just like with a majority of features we have to think about if we want to implement them right away or later on.


I think Vitra should concetrate on more effective things right now like starting up the business. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: There will be plenty of time for these “necessary joys” in the future…:hourglass_flowing_sand:


This isn’t for direct implementation, it’s to get an idea of what the community thinks about possible ideas, so the team can make notes going forward.


Definitely, we add all feature requests to our backlog so that all of the ones that are not implemented right away, can be reconsidered after the public launch.


Definitely agree on climate change, carbon reduction, tree planting feature as this is now the trend and people are going to support with their money more environmental friendly business. Perhaps if there is app section of services and business certified as carbon neutral, where if you spend you are planting trees, deffo should follow the trend no going around that especially when there is banks already planting trees FOR PROFIT, which shouldn’t be surprise if you track how the raw wood material prise has hiked in the last few years.


Every company should be striving for this, it’s certainly something I look out for.



It would be a good thing I think if you build something for the long term. Maybe a donation feature inside your app? Or maybe every X transaction 1€/1$/£1gets donated to organisation X (could switch every half year or so) / a tree get’s planted what so ever.

I know that mastercard for example has an own project Priceless Planet Coalition

But it doesn’t needs to be only trees if it gets combined with a donation feature for example like revolut does (Red cross etc)


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