PIN Change via App

It would be awesome if you would have a feature to change the card PIN inside your app after you received and activated it.

Yes many ATM’s have the possibility to change them, just not in Germany at least. Here you can change your PIN rarely if it’s no card from the issuer bank of the ATM.

I’m unsure about the mastercard regulations and rules, as I have never seen this function in any other app (I have quite a few of those haha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). But I think it would be an awesome feature if it’s allowed to implement something like this.


Absolutely amazing idea Sören.

I’m unsure if we are able to do this; however I am aware of a couple of banking apps that will allow you to get a pin reminder.

@koraykoska or @FlorianWinkler may be able to give some more insight to this.


Hi @Kastello

We will actually only allow in-app PIN changes, for the time being, so you should be good to go.
Revolut has this feature too btw and I don’t understand why some FinTechs don’t implement it.

There is one drawback though: You will need to use your old PIN once before the new one is activated after you change it in the app.


Hey @koraykoska,

Are you sure that revolut allows it via app?
I don’t have such a function at all. Maybe it’s even a country specific thing?



I think they allowed it a couple of years ago.
They might have changed it because of the drawback I mentioned before. It’s confusing and leads to more support requests as you already display the new PIN inside the app even though the user has to use the old PIN once at a terminal. (That’s only true for countries with offline pin like the UK. In Germany you shouldn’t even have to use your old PIN but I am not 100% sure).

That being said I am still a fan of online PIN changes as they are just much more convenient and if you are stranded in a country without modern ATMs (cough Germany), you would really appreciate it. So we will support it and we don’t have plans to remove support for it, even once we support ATM PIN changes.


Yeah our banking system is still… special :sweat_smile:

But I’m glad that you will allow it and continue to allow it after implementing pin change via ATM’s!


Topic closed as this will be enabled from day one. Any votes given to this idea are now back in your available votes :+1:t3:


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