Other Vitra brands & possible disputes

Hi team. I’ve finally had the chance to discuss Vitra properly with my wife who studied and has quite a bit of experience in business marketing. She’s also German and has pointed out that Vitra is a famous design brand: there’s a design museum, furniture and - possibly commercially linked - some sort of bathroom range:



If all these are commercially linked then I’d have thought you’d be likely have problems with them regarding your brand, similar to Monzo when they were originally called Mondo?

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I think this goes back to what I replied to you here.

This is something that needs to be done, but shouldn’t be a priority right away.

I am acutely aware that the font is nearly exactly the same, and that would be a possible legal trademark challenge, but with the way courts are currently settling things in this field, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t an issue.

Well since we’re not even in beta yet I agree it can wait a bit, but I think it needs sorting before public release and before money is spent on marketing. Mondo only had to change one letter to become Monzo but I think Vitra would need a much bigger change otherwise it risks sounding like some vitamin or health company!

But also, if it can wait and the team should focus on other priorities now (presumably, development of the app, usability and back end), why are we spending time in other threads discussing card design?

It should be all or nothing IMO: if we’re going to stick with what the team have come up with so far let’s just go with all of that for the beta, and then let’s take a staged approach to branding and card design then: determine with certainty if Vitra is going to be a problem (or is worth using investors’ money to fight a court battle over, even if we think we’d win); then once we’ve finally settled on the brand name we can settle on logo and card design. Seems odd to do card design and logo now while putting off a possible rebranding.

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They have a plan, and they are working on it.

I say let the CC close, and then once all investors are onboarded, a poll can be taken for it. We can’t just suddenly say “oh yes, we have changed our name”, especially with investors. They need a say.

I note this was also discussed in CC and another thread about polling for such things, so don’t worry. :+1:

I agree with you that it is something that has to be settled and we are going to go so in the near future (most likely in the next two weeks).


Thanks for confirming Ben!

Fully agree about letting the round close first, that’s one reason I posted here rather than over on CC because I didn’t want to set hares running about the other Vitra brands.

Do you have an idea about how long you’ll keep the round open for / how much overfunding you’ll go for? Your target was pretty low so the 450% isn’t really as sky high as it might seem but presumably you’re thinking about limiting dilution?

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But regarding the card designs, we have to decide on the first card design/designs so that we can start working with the card printer to have a batch of them printed as the card printing/approval process takes quite a while. But before we have them printed we obviously have to settle on a name as if we print them first, and the name changes we would have to reprint all the cards and that would be a waste of everyones money.

I don’t have an exact number I can share with you right now but we will most likely announce the final size of this round this upcoming week which means the round should hopefully close very soon.

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