Operating Status: 03 May 2022

Operating Status - 03 May 2022

1000 BST
The backend of the app is being updated meaning that the app is not currently accessible. We will keep you updated once it is redeployed.


Good morning everyone,
it’s every dev’s worst nightmare to have a bug present over a long weekend. We are very sorry for the late reply and long turnaround for a fix.

However, we are now releasing new versions of the app in to Playstore (version 2.0.4) and App store. They are both currently in review so fingers crossed they will be downloadable by the end of the day.

We have been busy beavering away in the background to refactor our app (essentially rebuilding the technical bits in the background). This effort doesn’t (or shouldn’t) make any changes for users, but makes our app more stable and scalable and enables us to continue to develop new features. Unfortunately a change to our database in test somehow went rogue and released itself on Friday without the accompanying changes. We have nailed what went wrong and are changing our practises to ensure nothing is released unintentionally again.

As mentioned before we are moving to a weekly release strategy, at least for the medium term, which will reduce the number of bugs and give us more clarity on what is going on in the app.

Thank you all for your continued patience and support.


Good afternoon everyone,
Today was spent dotting I’s and crossing T’s, we are now ready to release the next version of the app. It’s currently in review with Play and App store and should be ready for you to download tomorrow morning.
Version 2.1.0 will fix some of the bugs we have seen last week and correct some of the mismatches sprouting from the unexpected deployment the week before. You should also see some improvements to the UI and design, and we improved some of the admin features (changing your password should be much quicker now).

This sprint is focused on a couple of minor requirements before we can turn on transactions (more on that soon!) and focusing on bedding in the improvements to testing and release management we’ve been working on.
Up to now we have been sprinting to the goal of turning Vitra on for our dear users, now we are redoubling our efforts to improve stability and scalability. New and exciting features will be with you soon!