Ongoing Issues (27/01/22)

VitraCash Ongoing Issues

Hi all

Thank you for all of your comments and emails following the Operational Maintenance: 21/01/22 last weekend.

Some of the most frequently asked about issues are below, which will hopefully answer your questions.

If you don’t see your issue listed, please, as normal, report it through the support email so we can keep track of these. It is important to remember that while a forum post helps other users see that an issue has been raised, if we haven’t had it through to our email and logged it, we may not have enough information about it.

Some of my cards have disappeared since the maintenance, why?

The only cards removed were those that didn’t go through a 3DS challenge when being added. You will be able to add these again soon, through our new way of verifying a payment method when adding it. More information on this will be released once we publish the update.

We recognise that this should have been highlighted to users before us doing this, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused due to us doing this. In the future, we will ensure to - where possible - give you as much notice as possible if we do something similar.

I can’t add my card?

If your bank/card provider is not enforcing a 3DS challenge when we verify your card, we will not allow you to add it incase of it being a stolen card - or something similar.

With our next update, a new way to add and verify cards will be implemented, which means you should be able to add any cards that do not force a 3DS challenge.

My VitraCard keeps being declined. What’s going on?!

During the maintenance on the weekend, while we fixed a lot of things, this inevitably created the opportunity for some other pesky bugs to present themselves to us.

This is unfortunately affecting transactions still, however we hope to have this side of things back in working order over the weekend.

Why can’t I activate my VitraCard?

This one seems to be affecting a random set of users. We would be grateful if this is happening to you to drop me a message with the version of app you’re using, and the version of iOS/Android you’re using. Please ensure these are typed out, so they can be copied into our internally ticket straight away.

If, for any reason, more issues appear before the above are fixed, I will edit this post and post a reply to bump the thread so you all know.

Once again, thank you for bearing with us through our beta and these issues. We really do appreciate all of you.

~Ry :man_technologist:t3: