One small step for a man

Hi, I’m trying to access (a couple of times per week, just to know when all the stuff goes online).
Today, finally, my phone number was accepted, I’ve received for the verification code, but at password request (yes, i do know the right one) the only message is “invalid credentials”

What’s up now?


Same thing happened to me, I eresed the application data and tried again then everything worked just fine. If you don’t know how to erase application data you can just delete and reinstall it.

I did the same before posting, no way. But tomorrow everything is working (also using biometric authentication).
Maybe the’re still worling on it…

Bye & thanks

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I was getting the same error, but i uninstalled the previous version, and installed the new one, and no problem logging in after that.

The announcement says to uninstall the previous one.


Can confirm, uninstalling the old app, even if it is updated helps clear the login error.

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I can at least make you not to hurry. even when you you should be able to login it will only say the same as a few months ago: “we are reviewing your application”. :slight_smile:

Yes. Forever and ever and ever… what a joke!
Amyway, they take my money but no card, no app, nothing… WTF?


The app login is enabled… but everything else is on hold at the moment. Waiting for Vitra to sort out current issues which should be anytime now.