Onboarding feedback

Now that the bug with registering on the Android app has been resolved, I have created an account and wanted to feedback a couple of points.

  1. I found the UX/screens to take a selfie and a copy of my passport much harder to use than other apps - in particular, the instructions about putting your face in the circle really need to be improved.

  2. Having registered for the waitlist, if I go back to the app, it tells me I am on the waitlist.

If I then chose the express delivery button, the next screen asks me to pick a PIN, it does not tell me about the express delivery option as I would have expected.


Hi @gt94sss2

The verification platform is not down to us. We can’t control how it appears in the sense you have commented.

We are looking at a new provider which should make it much easier.

You need to make a PIN first, then you can order the card with express delivery, but I agree that there should be some more information available prior to even setting your pin (CC: @Dane).


Thanks for the prompt reply.

The other oddity I found is that I needed to choose a PIN before selecting waitlist/express delivery in the first place, which seemed to be the wrong way around… especially if you need to re-enter it as described above…


Thanks to this post I just checked I could add a card now, but as soon as I sign in the app crashes. Forcing it to stop or reinstalling it doesn’t solve the problem.

So in short I still can’t access Vitra :confused:

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Hi @mikew,

Please remember the app is still in beta testing so sometimes annoying errors pop up from time to time.
Could you please log the issue here so it can be picked up by the team quicker.


Hey @mikew

Please have a look at Operating Status: 03 May 2022.


I see, thanks for the hint. As I can see from Ryan’s comment below this is an unknown issue. I will just wait and see.