Newbie info questions

Hi all, I just heard about Vitracash and decided to take a look.

I have been a Curve user for a while but am very interested to see if there are even better solutions.

It is difficult to find much information on VitraCash. The website is quite empty and in the app all I can do is KYC and order a card for 10$.

But I understand that the card and system is still in beta? I am sure more info will follow…

Maybe people here can provide more info like

-what cards can you add? (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro?) How many?
-are there different tiers or levels with more/less possibilities and how much do they cost?
-I understand the unique selling point is the AI that decides which card. How does that work and can you turn it off or set a specific card manually?
-Switching a payment to a different card is not possible yet but is coming? (my favorite Curve feature)
-what are the fees for using the card, withdrawing money from ATM etc etc.
-any cashback program plans?

These are just a few basic questions. Hopefully someone can provide some info or point me in the right diection :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to the VitraCash Community. :wave:

You can add as many cards as you like (as long as they are in your name.) That might be subject to change but VitraCash will let you know if or when they decide to change the above but no plans have been made in that direction.

Sorry Amex isn’t available at the moment, watch this space.

No different levels as of now. That might change but that will be clearly communicated when or if the time comes.

Yes you can set a default cards for all your transactions if you wish.

A version of GBIT is in the works.

The current fees are available in a dedicated link in the VitraCash application.

No cashback program at this stage please watch this space as knowing VitraCash I’m sure they have something up their sleeves. :blush:


Thanks for the reply!

Where is the “dedicated link in the VitraCash application”? I can’t see or do anything except order a card for 10$ (ios)


Yeah I think that’s only available when you order and activate the VitraCash card. I’ll copy and paste in here for you.


All transaction with Vitra are listed as online? Even ATM withdrawal (as curve)?

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