My title changes

Ryan i can i please get my tiltle changed to investor please

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Hi @Junaid786

We haven’t received the list from Crowdcube yet to confirm your investment, we won’t hand any titles out to anyone.

As I mentioned in your other thread, once we receive the list, we will automatically hand titles/group access out to people without needing to be contacted.

When we do receive the list; please note that we won’t instantly be doing titles and group access. It will take longer as we have to confirm what level of investment people have contributed, as well as confirm any other rewards people are due.

Judging by the first investment round; I believe that it took between 6 & 8 weeks to confirm/set up access for people. Perhaps @Steve or @Matt_Lester can help me here with a rough estimate!

Hope this helps.


Yes, sounds about right @ryan.

Perhaps sounds petty but it’s good to practice to ensure, however large or small the investment, it is confirmed that a Forum user is a shareholder given that access is provided to, in some cases, sensitive information before public release.

Edit: sorry if I sound like an arse, looking forward to seeing you on the other side @Junaid786