Missing post

I made a post under this link: https://community.vitracash.com/t/ios-how-does-the-ai-choose/985

a couple months ago with questions to the concept of vitracash and was promised detailed answers to my questions in the future. When I just came back now to check if my question had been addressed, I noticed that I can’t seem to access the link. I believe it has something to do with @Ryan moving it in a hidden beta-group which I seem to be no longer a part of.

Is there any way to regain access to the beta-groups in order to check up on old posts?


Hi @Mark,

I believe the group was closed as the public beta testing was closed…
Can’t seem to find the post where @Ryan did explain this.
Vitracash have been testing the fixes internally but that is all we know for now.

Hopefully we should be hearing more soon from the team.