Maestro Support


would be awesome if you’re able to integrate maestro support. It’s very common in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria (and more?) and many banks give them out by default. Meastro is often supported together with mastercard (as it’s from the same company) at shops over here so it wouldn’t be a big loss to just carry your card around instead of the maestro card.

A big plus would be a dual sheme card (maestro and mastercard) as some older / smaller shops still just support maestro.

Fidor (a german “fintech” who is good in loosing customer and they even tried to sold their bank for 1€…) offers such a card for example called Fidor Smart Card where you get one card which supports maestro & mastercard together.


Hey Kastello!

This is such a great idea. I know here in Sweden & UK, accounts for under 18s and some very basic accounts give a Maestro card as part of it.

The only thing I can see causing an issue is that some Maestro cards are ‘pre-paid’, and I aware that trying to hook up to pre-paid cards can be difficult - for example not accepted on Apple Pay or in some stores. (It’s for this reason that pre-paid cards are useful for new arrivals in countries.)

But the debit card versions, I can’t see being too much of an issue as they are linked to the holders bank account.

@ben would definitely be the best to cover this though.


Great Idea @Kastello!

I’m definitely going to look into it in more details in the coming week(s) but I believe it’s a necessary addition. I know of a lot of people (especially Austrians) who have maestro cards and I know that they are not accepted anywhere nearly as much as MasterCard and Visa.

We are almost certainly going to look into adding support for adding Maestro cards as a payment options to you VitraCard and letting you pay with it (most likely right after or maybe even before the public launch).

Though something we have not though about is the dual scheme cards, but it seems like a great addition assuming it’s even allowed from a regulatory standpoint (which I think it is but we’ll obviously have to make sure of).


Would be really awesome!


Unfortunately in Austria it’s the same. And all of the boomers always have maestro anyway. They would really appreciate the ability to pay online.I have such a card too :frowning:


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