Login enabled for everyone

Hi everyone,

Quick update from our side in case you didn’t notice: Our systems are fully running again and everyone should be able to sign in now. New sign-ups remain disabled until further notice.

Before submitting any bug reports, please make sure to delete your app and reinstall the latest version from the app stores.

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@Koray sorry to bother you but some of us are still waiting on FX fees refund (not myself). Could you please have a look please. Thanks.


i cannot add new card. i cannot remove my current card, so basically nothing happened

where are the fx refunds?

Perfect great news. I could log in with the new app.
Sent an email to support as apparently it says my approval is still in process even though I paid the £10 fee for the card delivery. Assumed it was all ok as they asked for the shipping cost already.

Will the new cards be shipped soon?

Yes. In the next life :joy:


Currently, alongside the security fixes being put in place Vitracash is onboarding a new merchant and card provider. These are due to be in place any day now.
Then I would guess internal testing would need to happen and a closed test with a few participants receiving a card to test them in the real world.
We are due an update sometime next week, fingers crossed we get it.


Could we get some information about the current burn rate etc? And a detailed roadmap?

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As far as I understand from what has been said in the forum by the Vitracash team, is that there will be an investor’s call arranged once all the current issues have been sorted out.
The team had to make some cuts recently so the remaining team members are working to the max to get everything up and running.
There should be some sort of update coming shortly.

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Hi you mention fully up and running but i am not sure what that means?

I notice you cant add new cards?

Hi @Vikas_Goyal :wave:
The App is working however you cannot add any card because transactions are still turned off (when you add a card Vitra has to verify it with a £0 transaction so while transactions are turned off, you cannot add any card)
The team has been working hard on the systems in order to prevent any other security issue but they also changed the card issuer so all cards will be replaced then ,I suppose after some internal testing, we will be able to use our Vitra cards.

They should announce something about the new card issuer any time now.

Prior to the breach, they were quite close to public release as they were testing the card in the real world and fixing some annoying bugs before going live so, I think, once the dust is settled, we will be not too far from using the service.
Hope this helps


Just to add, I’m sure that all current cards will need to be replaced due to the new supplier.
From what I understand this will be done automatically by the team when the time comes.
If you are still waiting for a card, you will be issued a new one once everything has been put in place.


How much money will be spend on issuing the new cards? Will there be another raise needed?


These are great questions. Save them for the investors call.

My thoughts and hopes would be that they have negotiated with the company to provide X amount of cards free or at a heavily discounted rate.

As far as it has been said in the forum, Vitracash had not received all of the last round from CC. I hope they have by now, hopefully we will get some news this week and start getting some more answers.


Given the security breach and the suddenness of changing card issuer etc., I suspect that Vitra’s negotiating position was not a strong one…

All speculation… We will find out what’s really happening when we get the investor update call. @Koray Have we go a date for this yet?