JP Morgan/Nutmeg

Good afternoon everyone!

Over the last few days I’ve recently opened an account with JP Morgan now that they’ve ventured across to the UK. I believe this is why they bought Nutmeg, and it may even just be the Nutmeg product. Correct me if I’m wrong…

This new account offers 1% cash back on most purchases and also has the round-up feature.

I now have a couple of different spending accounts as well as other so I’m super excited to use a vitra card now!

How soon would Vitracash sweep up and new account released by banks? And with JP Morgan being American, would you guys be including it?


Hey Ben!

Great question.

With us looking at AmEx, I don’t see this being a problem. Plus; as far as I am aware JP Morgan does have an entity within the UK/EU so we’d be able to utilise the open banking required.

We haven’t come to a firm conclusion on how fast we would support an account, but 1 factor is that the account itself must allow you to connect apps to it through open banking.

One thing I’m seeing currently with newer accounts is they are not launching with this feature available.

I will add a thread where people can request an account to be supported so we can keep track of things.

I’ll CC @koraykoska and @FlorianWinkler in on this though, just in case they have anything else to add.




Update: Please view this thread to request any accounts/banks.


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